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Go Short For Summer

Best shorts ever
Hey everyone,

It's Spring and it finally feels like it, the flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining and that means it's time to give your wardrobe a complete refresh. Not only for Spring, not to forget to get ready for summer too! Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. It's fun to combine items and create new outfits every morning to spark that creativity inside of you. Today I want to show you a must have item for Spring/Summer. Lets get right to it!

I've never really been the kind of girl that wears skirts a lot. I feel more me and more comfortable in a dress or in a pair of shorts. Shorts are definitely a must have for the upcoming seasons. They are in so many different colors, shades, patterns and styles that you can always find a pair you like. And with the right accessories you can style the pair of shorts from casual to chic for a night out. 

On Zaful you can find any item you want. From cute summer dresses, to tops, to shorts and much more. It's a great store for shorts. I love that they always have good deals going on and that they have a big range of different kinds of clothes. 

I came across this set, it's a cropped top in combination with an high-waisted short. It's really cute! It's like out of the 90's and you see the plaid pattern a lot this summer. It has ruffle sleeves and a sweetheart neckline which makes it a little bit less casual. I would definitely wear this outfit to the beach, with a pair of sandals, a floppy head and a pair of red or black sunnies. 
Best stores for shorts

Soft Pink 
I stumbled across another pair of shorts and really like them too! For me, besides how something looks, it's also important that I feel good in what I wear. These shorts look really cute and comfortable! They are high-waisted and in a soft pink shade, that you can combine easily with a white top or tee. And for the chillier evenings you can always add a denim jacket to your look. 

Best stores for shorts

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! Shopping is fun and especially for summer. 
Question time - What is your must have for summer?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Stunning post! I agree with you too, it's not all about brand - you can get some stunning, cheaper pieces that work so well! I love the pale pastel pink skirt - it's a beautiful design! x
    Marina Rosie x


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