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Fun And Unique Backdrops For A Photoshoot

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Hey everyone,

Lately I came up with an idea of creating my own photo shoot at home. I did have a few professional photo shoots done at a studio, but how fun would it be to make your own studio at home!? I started looking for the right essentials to take you photos and have found that backdrops are definitely a must have. If you love photography, read further to take some memorable photo's at the comfort of your own home! 

What are backdrops?
Backdrops are often used by professional photographers. If you have never seen a backdrop before, just walk in a shopping mall and you can see stalls where you can take a picture. Especially during Christmas season the backdrops are everywhere to create that christmasy feeling. Photographic backdrops are in so many different sizes, colours, patterns and styles that you'll for sure find one you like for your own photoshoot. It's really cool to use them, because when you use a picture as a background it looks as if you were in that location on camera. 
Photography backdrops
On katebackdrop.com you can find your perfect backdrop. They have over 40 years of experience and deliver quality and affordable backdrops worldwide. Many well known photographers all around the world shop here, the newborn photographer Ana Brandt or Canadian photographer Irene Rudynk. If you are looking for a family photoshoot setting, than you can look in the theme category. They also have season backdrops, an autumn or winter theme would be cute to use now.

Solid color backdrops
I would love to get a portrait of myself and of my family members. If your goal is to make a portrait as well, than choosing a single color is the best option instead of using a pattern. You want all your focus to be on you and for the background to not be too busy. Remember that sometimes less is more. I love pastel colours very much, but because it's autumn and winter is around the corner I'm going to go with a blush background because pink is my favourite color. I found the Kate Blush backdrop shade very nice. They all come in different sizes and it's a microfiber backdrop cloth. What I also like is the the backdrop is portable, so you can easily move the background and change your setting a little bit. $18,43 

Best photo background
Theme backdrops
I have two little nieces, they are 5 and 8 years old. How cute would it be to take pictures with a Disney background! Those pictures will be very memorable and you look back at them as a teenager with a smile. I think my nieces wouldn't mind which background, anything with Disney and princesses is fine. I came across the Kate forest Disneyland fairytale backdrop. It's so cute and you can take very fun pictures with it. $24
Baby picture background

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope I made you enthusiastic to start taking pictures with fun backgrounds! 
Question time - Have you every made a picture with a backdrop?

Have a lovely day,

Isabella ❤ 

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  1. I did professional photography for several years and when I did it out of my home I used different colored or patterned pieces of Cotten fabric for backdrops. Nicely ironed Cotten works great! I also busted used a nice blank wall for another option. My sisters house has lots of fun/nice colors and good lighting so I used her house a lot. It was easier and cheaper than buying big fancy backdrops. Especially if you’re just doing it for fun.


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