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My November Fashion Wish List


“I really need new clothes.” 
 - Me, every morning 
Ok, so I have to admit that maybe just maybe I love to shop. A lot. Shopping just makes me forget about everything for a while. It’s fun to, not just alone but also with your friends and family. I’m always excited to find out the seasons new trends and styles and look for ways to incorporate those into my own style if I like the trends. I think that my style depends on my mood and on the type of day. On Mondays I don’t want to get out of bed, so I try to pick my outfit the day before. An outfit that will make me confident, will make me feel good about myself and will make me want to start the week fresh. Style really says so much about who you are as a person. It’s a creative way of showing who you truly are without having to use any words. I love looking shopping in stores just as much as looking online for new cute items to add to my collection. The past few months I’ve been so busy that I haven’t bought a lot of new items. It’s defenitely time my wardrobe gets a total revamp. Also, the Christmas season is just around the corner. And who am I not to have any glitter in my closet!? I thought it would be a good idea to show you my wish list for  November and maybe inspire you to also create your own Wishlist!  

What I want for Christmas 1. The first item on my Wishlist is this very cute Illuminated sequin mini dress from Urban Outfitters. I love the champagne pink shade and the details at the neckline. €185


Things to put on your Christmas wish list2. I’m also in need of  some warm and cute pullovers or sweaters for winter. I’m always cold haha, so it’s really a must have. This sweater is from Nasty Gal, a brand that sells cool and original clothing. It’s very comfy because it’s oversized and love the chenille knit pattern. €60  

 3. I can’t get over how cute these socks are! They are bear socks in black and white and also a perfect gift for your bff or for yourself of course.  They are from American Eagle Outfitters and will for sure keep you warm this winter.

4. Jacket can’t be forgotten on the list. There are a lot of different types of jackets. From all of them the peacoat is my favorite. It’s elegant, classic and girly and totally fits to my style. This coat is from JCrew and is made from Italian wool. €218

5. Last but not least, a skirt to complete my closet. I don’t wear skirts very often. it’s nice to wear something different once in a while, so I put in on my november wish list. It’s a faux suede skirt from the cute and affordable brand called SheIn. €16

Thank you so much fro reading todays post! I hope you can’t wait to go shopping as well now! Question time - What is your number 1 item on your wish list? 👗👛 

Have a lovely day,


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