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Keep Calm And Let The Wedding Begin

Wedding veil tradition

Hey everyone,

A wedding is something you start dreaming of when you're a little girl. You start to picture a man, your Prince Charming on a white horse waiting for you at the altar. You start picturing about the kind of venue, which people you're going to invite and the theme of your wedding. Oh, not to forget the most important thing, the dress! Dress shopping can be quite difficult, there are so many options out there. But sometimes we don't really think about the veil. A veil is a traditional piece that makes your wedding look complete. Read further for some fun and beautiful veils for a picture perfect wedding!

Maybe you are getting married soon or know a friend who's getting married, than Bestweddingveil.com is the shop to be. It's a small and independent company located in the UK. The company is specialised in handmade veils, and aim their designs to be organic and elegant. Their vision is to provide you a unique piece you will look back on years later with a smile! It doesn't matter where you live, the shop offers free worldwide shipping. 

Cathedral wedding veils
The perfect veil makes you feel like a real bride. There a many sorts of veils and I personally really like the cathedral style. Those are very long veils, sometimes as long as twenty feet and look really regal. This will definitely make a statement at your wedding. I came across one veil that I love very much, a hand beading trim long veil. It's available in white, ivory and black and so cute!! I would describe my wedding style as more on the traditional side, this veil matches that style really well. It's made from tule and drapes beautifully at the end. $79,99 

Bride with veil

Blusher wedding veils
Blusher veils are also very traditional. The difference between the cathedral style, is that blusher veils fall in front of the face with usually one layer of tule. The tradition behind this, is that you kind of unveil yourself to your husband when you're walking at the altar. I think if I were to get married one day, a blusher veil would definitely be an option. I can already picture that moment when my father lifts my blusher after the ceremony, it's special and a once in a lifetime experience. The veil that I love is the Chantilly lace long blusher veil. It's very elegant and if you're looking for that extra sprak, this veil will bring that! It's also very light and flows beautifully. $69,99
Keep Calm And Let The Wedding Begin

Reasons why you should where a veil at your wedding
I never really thought about veils very much, until the wedding of Princess Kate Middleton. I loved her wedding look and she wore a veil as well. 
1. Of course you'll hire a photographer for your dream wedding. When you where a veil the pictures are even more beautiful. You can take dreamy pictures, letting the veil blow in the wind and much more fun things to make your pictures memorable. 
2. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. When will you get to ever where a veil besides a wedding? 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you got excited about your wedding, or are just dreaming about your wedding one day.
Question time - Would you where a veil on your wedding day?

Have a lovely day,


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  1. Such a beautiful blog it is! I am also getting married in one of the Los Angeles venues this year and I still have to finalize the veil and my dress. I know I am going very slowly as compared to any women who is getting married, but I will catch up to that level!


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