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Cassey Hoo fitness


I think you know her from her blog Blogilates, it's Cassey Hoo. I love her workouts so much!! They are really effective and are all kinds of different workouts. Let's tell a little bit more about her.


Well, she's a certified fitness instructor and also the creator op POP Pilates. She also designs the bags from oGeorgeous bags. She couldn't find a cute bag to go to the gym with. So the thought of making stylish bags herself.  She loves to give advice to people and give tips about a healthy lifestyle. She has a Youtube channel where she films her workouts and healthy foods to eat. 

On her blog she has a lot of workout printables to download. You can also download a workout calendar. Everyday of the week there stands on that day what kind of excercises you have to do. But you can also have breaks some days. I like it very much. I followed a month the beginner workout calendar and the result was great!! She makes these calendar all by herself and I think that's really a good idea. It's also good that the workout calendars and workouts itself are for every level. From beginner to expert. On her blog she also has a shop where you can buy all kinds of cute clothes for the gym. She designed them all.

I always want to wear cute workout clothes when I do a workout. It makes the workouts much more fun to do. Do you have that too? :)

What do you think of Cassey Hoo's workouts?

Stay beautiful!

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