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6 Best Lip glosses & Chapsticks

Hey everyone,

Who doesn't want soft lips? Dry lips are just not ok. I wear like almost a lip balm everyday. Otherwise my lips are very dry because the weather is still cold. Read further for some products to get super soft lips.

6 Best Lip glosses & Chapsticks

Lip Balms & Chap Sticks
-The Eos lip balm. Is made from 100% natural ingredients. Loveee!!!! 

-Nivea. The lip balms moisturise for a really long time. 

-Clarins. An all season must have.

-Vaseline. To get even softer lips.

-Victoria' Secret. Also really love this one. Has a gentleman sugar scrub. 

-Sephora. It has a yummy flavour and stays all day.

Also drinking plenty of water is really good for dry lips such as for your skin. Drink around 7 cups of water per day and you are hydrated enough! :)

Another thing that also helps is Aloe Vera. I have tried it once as a shower gel and your skin becomes really soft after it. It's a plant that moisturizes naturally. You can apply it directly to your lips and they will be softer than ever.

I hope you guys find it helpful.
And which lip balm do you like the best?

Have a lovely day,



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  1. Eos is my fav, couldn't live without it! Mac makes a really good one too. XO~Ireland



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