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Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection review

Hey everyone,

This is the first time that I use a beauty product from Loreal. I always use products from other brands like Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder etc. But this time I thought I wanted to try something from Loreal. I wanted to buy something for my lips because I literally always have dry lips. And I wear this lip gloss a lot now. It's very nice and pretty! 

Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection review

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection
Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

Product description 
I bought the lipgloss from Loreal Paris, L'Oreal Glam Shine reflection It's the color sheer pink 171. It's 6 ml.
The lipgloss gives your lips more volume and a pretty sparkly shine on your lips. The hydrating formule of the lipgloss it not sticky and is easy to apply. The applicator is in a heart shape so it's easy for you to apply. And it gives your more gloss on your lips. Just one sweep on your lips is enough. The color of the lipgloss is a combination of red and pink but just a little more red in it.  It gives your lips a pretty shine with a pretty pink color. 

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

My opinion
I love this lipgloss a lot. The color is really cute and because it's spring it's makes your outfit a little bit more special and girly. Also the heart shape applicator is very useful. It's easy to apply. And something that's very important for a lipgloss, it's not sticky. Another plus point is that the lipgloss stays for a long time so you don't have to apply the lipgloss every 10 minutes. 

Well, there aren't many things what I don't love about this lipgloss. But when you remove your lipgloss a few sparkles still stay on your lips afterwards. And it looks a little bit strange if you don't like sparkles. And the price. Loreal product are not the cheapest.  But still it's not very expensive. I bought mine at a local beauty store for 10 euros. 

My rating
I think I would give this lipgloss a 4 out 5.

I do recommend this lipgloss because it's stays for a really long time, the color is nice and it's not sticky. :)

Have you already tried this lipgloss?

I hope this review was helpful. 
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  1. I have it in the shade 407 Magnetic nude glow and I love it. It's a nude pinky golden shade that goes perfect on top of my fave nude lipstick. You have to try the color riche extraordinaire lip glosses, they are amazing. They are opaque like a lipstick apply like a gloss and feel like a balm. I have extremely dehydrated lips and they feel so moisturizing and don't set into your lines. They are a bit more expensive though, I got a 2X1 deal at my local drugstore but they normally retail for around 14€.

  2. Thanks for the review, I'll give it a try! http://hillbilliesinheels.com/


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