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Sustainable Goods // Cute & Colourful Fair Trade Coconut Bowls

Sustainable Goods
Since the start of the lockdown last year I've been increasingly focused on buying more sustainable products. In an era of fast fashion, environmental pollution and underpaid labor, it's important to know that you can make a change. Every small step in the right direction is still a step. Covid has emphasised and widened the gap between the poor and rich, and therefore it's emphasising the need for change even more. So, on that note, I would like to share a lovely brand that is completely sustainable and sells very cute things! If you're curious, don't hesitate and let's get to it right now! 

Sustainable Goods
Living Sustainable is a brand that - guessing by it's name - is completely sustainable aha! The brand sells anything that is made in an eco-friendly manner and most importantly, is fair trade as well. I love brands that really care about their workers and the environment, so thumbs up for this brand for sure. The brand's main goal is to make people like you and I more aware that it is possible to live sustainably and that change doesn't have to be big. You can make tiny baby steps and that might not even feel like change. 

Blue Hearts and Stripes Coconut Bowls 
The brand send me two blue coconut bowls to review and I was pleasantly surprised. They look really cute and colourful and I almost want to just place them somewhere without using them so they don't get damaged.. These bowls are actually made from coconut and because they're handmade each bowl is unique and the dimensions can vary a bit. Blue is such a cheerful color and you can use these bowls for anything, they're really multifunctional. You can either use them as a decoration, to put some snacks in like popcorn for a movie night in. But it's best to use them only for dry foods for the bowls to last la bit longer. You can hand-wash the bowls with some soap and water and you should avoid the dishwasher, oven and microwave. 
Sustainable Goods
The webshop has many other bowls in all kinds of colourful and different patterns. If you can use some extra color in your home than these will for sure bring some cheerfulness in your home decor. I think I'll use the bowls mostly as a cute decoration in my room. It's a good feeling that you can support a small company and know their story behind the production of the product. So if you love original and unique and you're looking for a cute birthday present or just a gift to yourself without any special occasion, this might be something for you! 



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