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Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

A wedding is the day you as the bride can shine and dedicate the day entirely to you and your loved ones. It's a day of happiness, the marking of a new chapter in your life and (hopefully aha) one that lasts! However, planning a wedding doesn't come cheap. From selecting the right venue, to the invitations, the gowns, bridesmaids and much more can add up quickly. In this post I would like to share with you some easy ways you to save money on your wedding!

I love photography! So for me if I would get married, I would place a lot of special attention on getting the right pictures to capture a moment as special as a wedding to be able to look at it years down the line. Of course, getting your own photographer can be expensive. But, there is a great solution! Wedding Photo Swap gives you the possibility to create your own online album. Your loved ones get an invitation to join as well, so that everyone can upload their wedding photos. It's completely free for 30 days, and fore more features, 24,99 pounds is still a huge bargain instead of a wedding photographer. It's a lovely idea for your family and friends to come together and all be part of the memorable day! 
Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

From beaches, to churches, to cozy backyards, anything is possible. I've done some research and came across a few things you can consider when looking for your venue to still stay within your budget and to not spend too much. First, when you get married on a weekday, some venues will cost a lot less. The downside is that weekends are more relaxed. But, if you're willing to pay less at the cost of this, than you've scored a great deal. Another thing is that I've come across friends getting married in multiple places. Stick to one venue and your wallet will be happy aha! The last point is quite straightforward. Don't invite too much guests, because it can make it more expensive. What is also a fun idea is to look at these prom car hire ideas which you can also use to make an amazing entrance not at your prom but at your wedding!
Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
The dress, often the highlight of the wedding and something the guests are looking forward to way in advance. It's a whole process from picturing the kind of gown you would like to wear, to actually seeing all those dresses in a shop and trying on different styles, to eventually choosing "the one". I have to say I'm guilty myself to search online for wedding dresses (first I need a boyfriend for that ahah). The first advice is to revamp your mother's old dress. Also, getting a dress that has a corset is handy because you don't need a lot of alterations. Third, if you're okay with getting second hand clothes, then a second hand wedding dress would be a great idea! Often there are great bargains and you might still get a dress from a brand you love, but for a lot less. Win win right?! And not to forget, you could look for prom dresses, you might want to try this because it's a great money saver, as mentioning solely the word 'wedding' increases your price instantly.

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