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The Do's and Don'ts of Statement Jewelry

Another week has flown by! We're heading towards the end of May, and that means the weather is getting better and better. I hope everyone is still healthy and doing okay in these strange times. This situation made me realize that having food on the table, a roof above your head, and your loved ones close to you is all you need really. Today I would love to share with you a few tips and tricks and do's and don't with statement jewelry. Statement jewelry can be a bit tricky sometimes because you can go overboard with your outfit quick quickly aha! Lets get comfy and get right to it!

If you're looking for cute statement jewelry, than I think this webshop will be the perfect place to wander around! You can find anything from colorful necklaces, to earrings, and much more. I love that the webshop also has a gift guide section where you can easily search for gifts for friends or family.

Mix and Match 
It is not necessary to wear the same jewelry each time. Try to switch things up and make it a bit more fun. Explore what colors you like and what kinds of styles suit you and your outfits the most. What matters is that the statement jewelry makes your outfits complete by adding something extra to it. Playing with colors patterns look like adding a darker colored pink statement bracelet in combination with a soft pink dress. Or a multi-colored necklace with hints of blue in combination with blue jeans and a white shirt.
Don't Go Too Overboard
In general I would say I find that when I'm wearing clothes that are already quite bright and colorful, I tend to pick jewelry that is also very bright and bold. But that can make or break or look. If your outfit is quite simple and in soft colors, then it can be nice to add some cute statement pieces, like a for example cute big hoop earrings.

Wear With V-Necks
When you're wearing a dress or shirt with a v-neck, you could make your outfit more fun with a bold statement necklace! Especially layered necklaces are really cute if they follow the structure of your t-shirt.

Invest in Timeless and Classic Pieces 
The last thing I would say is the key to a lasting wardrobe, is to buy jewelry that lasts. You can buy a lot of things that are so so, but in the end you'll likely end spending more than when you buy a few pieces you really like that costs a little bit more and are of more quality.


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