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Paris in 72 Hours

Paris in 72 Hours
Recently I've been to Paris for the first time, and I loved it! August is the perfect time to visit the city because all the people who live there are on holidays. There are almost only tourists walking around and just a few Parisians. That makes the city really quiet and nice. Paris is a little bit like in the movies, the architecture is beautiful, everything is very photogenic and you can take a picture in any corner and it still looks good. Grab a cup of tea and get ready for some practical tips and to see what I did in Paris in 72 hours! 
Paris in 72 Hours
Place Joachim-du-Bellay

I was visiting a friend who is a Parian himself, so I was quite lucky to have the opportunity to stay with him for a couple of days and to have a personal (and a free aha ) tour guide. I stayed in Antony, a suburb in Paris. It's a very quiet neighborhood and I think the perfect place to relax from the busy city and to study as well. A lot of students have a room there because in just 20 minutes you're in the city center. Because I was there just for three days, I did want to do some typical touristy things because it was my first time.

The Eiffel Tower At Night
I absolutely loved all the lights! It's just for 5 minutes that the lights are on, but so worth it. It's very romantic and you can lay in the grass in front of the tower until it starts. I also didn't think that you could come that close to it. Paris is the city of light, you really start to believe it when you're standing there next to it. My friend told me that if you're planning to go here, don't take the stop that says Tour Eiffel, but one stop by train after. It's much closer and not a lot of people know that.
Paris in 72 Hours

Paris in 72 Hours
How cute are those little puppets in the right corner!? ;)

The Sacre Coeur
This is another of those typical tourist places you just have to see once in your life. It's a whole climb upstairs, but so worth it! The view is really pretty, you can see all of Paris, the famous churches, and buildings. To go to this place, you have to exit at Saint-Michel. Then you see a really busy street in front of you and you almost can't miss it. It's a lovely street, with Amorino, ice cream in the shape of a flower and some other shops.
Paris in 72 Hours
The Louvre Museum
There were a lot of museums I wanted to go to, but it's impossible to visit them all in just three days. The Louvre is, of course, the most famous museum, so I went there on a hunt to find the Mona Lisa aha! After a while, I saw a big crowd and somewhere at the very end, the painting. It's beautiful to see it in real life, not only the Mona Lisa but also other paintings. Next time I want to visit the Rodin and D'Orsay.

Practical Tips
-Download the app called RATP. It's really handy because you can find all kinds of maps on it, including nearby stations. When I was in Paris I often needed to take several trains and metros, so finding out where to go next makes it easier with this app.
-Walk as long as you can. You see much more above the ground and you can always take the metro when you get lost. On your way, you can stop, go to a cute cafe, sit in a park or shop. If you're staying longer in Paris than a long-term pass might be more convenient instead of buying packs. (Navigo Pass)
-Try speaking in French to people first. That makes a much better impression than starting in English right away. Plus French people always great each other, in the shops, the hallway. If you think they are being unfriendly, it can be because you didn't greet them. A simple Bonjour or au revoir does magic.
-Definitely, eat a crêpe in Paris!!
-If you want to experience more of the French culture than August might actually not be a good time for you. Most boulangeries and restaurants will be closed because the people who live there are used to taking a month off in summer.
-Paris has so many cool museums, not just the Louvre. Centre Pompidou is for modern art lovers and Musee Rodin with the beautiful gardens and sculptures. (do it on a sunny day)
-Don't go to a museum or any attraction without skip-the-line tickets. I bought my ticket online and you can go inside directly instead of having to wait at least half an hour.
Paris in 72 Hours
Paris is a lovely city, in three days I couldn't do all the things I wanted to. I'm definitely going back soon! The city also has many cute shops and little cafes, like the one above. When I'm traveling to a new city, I always want to try to not look like a tourist, but experience the local culture as much as possible. If you want that too than staying for at least one month will help. 

Have you ever been to Paris?
Have a lovely day,

Isabella ❤


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