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Keep Calm And Brush Your Teeth

Dental hygiene is one of the most important things to maintain. Sometimes the importance can be forgotten. I can blame myself for that too. (Oops, I know!) In some countries, people only go to the dentist when they have pain or when something is wrong with a tooth. Prevention is always better than to cure is what I try to remind myself. Going to the dentist just for a check-up is good at least once every year. 

If you're traveling a lot for work, or are a student abroad in the Netherlands or an expat, you can't have the same dentist as back home. It can be quite difficult to maybe find a good dentist in a different country. There is a dentist in Amsterdam called Tandarts Jordaan. I like the location a lot, it's a lively and nice neighborhood and easy to reach.
Tips for choosing the right dentist as an expat
*The first point would be to inform if the dentist speaks in English or can even speak your native language. This is, of course, a must have to avoid any misunderstandings during appointments and treatments. 
*Is there a dental hygienist available? For me, this is also very important that you don't have to go to different places. It's a lot easier when everything is under one roof. And a dental hygienist is definitely essential to healthy teeth. The Tandarts Jordaan in Amsterdam does have a hygienist, which is a big plus! 
*Maybe you're just like me(and lots of other people) and always dread going to the dentist. Just thinking about it gives you chills. This can be because you had bad experiences, or maybe you've heard the experiences of others or the noise during the treatment. In Amsterdam, the team will try their best to listen to your needs and take their time to know how you feel to make you feel at ease. Communication is key! They have a special fear dentist available. 

I think I'll never really be a fan of dentists aha, but having someone who you trust is key to motivate yourself to keep going to the dentist. 

Overall, Dutch dentists follow refresher courses on a regular basis and keep up with the latest. You'll be in good hands in the Netherlands for dental care, it's just that you have to look at a few points to choose the right dentist for you. If you happen to live in Amsterdam than this clinic could maybe be a good option for you! 

Question time - What is your experience with dentists? 
Have a lovely day,
Isabella ❤


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