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L'Oreal Paris X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara Review

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Lately I've been really into trying out new skincare products and haven't bought any new makeup. I read a lot of good reviews about this mascara and eyeliner from L'oreal and thought why not get them and see if they are really that good. I never wear a lot of makeup. I can even go days without any makeup at all, and I think that's natural and healthy to do. During winter I do wear a little bit more concealer, or bb cream or mascara so you can't see I how desperate in need of sun I am. I've used L'Oreal products for a really long time. Simply because they are just great and the brand comes up with new and creative ideas. Read further to get to know more about the mascara now!

L'Oreal Paris X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara Black

I think that everybody can agree with me that you want to avoid clumpy eyelashes. I have already tried out many mascaras, from drugstore to higher end ones like Dior or Chanel. And I think I do prefer the more expensive ones, just because the quality is better. I'm sure there are good drugstore mascaras out there as well, but I haven't stumbled across them yet. The L'oreal Paris Waterproof Mascara has a two-step formula, which is really cool! Instead of wearing false lashes, this mascara says it gives you the impression of it. The first step is a primer that thickens your lashes. The second step has fibers which really make your lashes thicker and longer looking. 

L'Oreal Paris X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara

I really like that the primer is a good base and that it doesn't flake or clump at all. That's a big plus point! Also the two step formula does give your lashes that false look I was looking for. The double lash wand is also easy to apply. If you're in a hurry for school or work, I wouldn't recommend this mascara because is does take a little bit longer. It takes about 2 minutes per eye for that full glossy and black effect. But if you're going out to a party or a gala than this mascara is perfect for that extra dramatic look! This mascara is definitely one of my favourites now. For the past week I've used this mascara everyday and am in love with it! The innovative idea is great and I don't want to go back to a normal mascara anymore. I doesn't matter if you're wearing a black dress, a part outfit or just a pair of comfy sweatpants. You can always wear this mascara to complete any look. The mascara is available for 19 euros. 

L'Oreal Paris X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara Review
My look with the mascara 

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