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Spring Bucket List Ideas

Bucket List Ideas

Improving Photography Skills 
Now that the days are getting longer and the sun is out more, it's the perfect time to grab my camera and take lots of pictures. I live in a small town close to the beach, so there will be beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I would love to spend a little bit more time outside. The only thing that's holding me back, is that I don't have a professional camera yet. I think I'm going to get one soon, probably a Canon. Taking pictures with your phone is ok too, but an hd camera is more fun and the photographs are from better quality. 

Spring Break Bucket List

Visit A New City
I absolutely love travelling! If I had all the money in the world, I would be somewhere different every weekend! I can already check this of my bucket list. I'm going to the lovely Valencia for a few weeks in April to take Spanish lessons. I'm always more drawn to the southern countries, like Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. I don't know why that is, maybe it's just their way of living, the culture and the food. I'm going to follow salsa classes as well at a local dance school, so that will be lots of fun! Unfortunately I'm just going after the Fallas, it's a big annual festival every year at the end of March. But there aren't any classes during that time. So it's wasn't possible to go than. 
Bucket List Things

Read 2 New Books
I've never been a big fan of reading. I can remember from primary school up until now that I've always read because I had to, not because I really liked reading. I want to start reading a few books this Spring and see if maybe I enjoy it more now. I've made a short list of the 2 books I want the read. They are all released this year. The first book is She Regrets Nothing, a tale about family, fortune, faith and about the dark side of prosperity. The second book I would love to read is The Deepest Well. It shows how a rough childhood can lead to health problems later in life and what you can do about it to break this cycle. I also want to start reading books about fashion or about other famous bloggers. 

Thank you for reading today's post! 
These are a few things I would love to improve or do this Spring.
Question time - What is on your Spring Bucket list ? 

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Pretty achievable list! Hope you enjoy every minute. My spring bucket list is to stay booked solid.


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