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La Dolce Vita In Sardinia

La Dolce Vita In Sardinia

Hey everyone,

Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions in life. If I had the time I would travel to a different city every day. Just exploring new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world makes you grow as a person. Besides that, traveling is just very fun to do! There are still so many cities I want to go to, New York, Cape Town, Paris, Barcelona, Milan.. This summer I went on a family holiday to the beautiful island called Sardinia. 

Being half Italian, I always love to visit my family in Rome. I've been to quite a few places in Italy but I'd never been to Sardinia before. After doing some research online I came across a small town San Teodoro, just 20 minutes away from Olbia Airport. If you want to start your trip, Traveloka Malaysia could help you a lot. You can easily compare cheap flight tickets and hotels. Maybe you're a student, than Traveloka will help you to find the cheapest flights online.  Olbia is like the main city of Sardinia, it's a nice city but with a lot of tourists. It really is worth the drive to go further and beaches are even more beautiful. We booked a flight from Amsterdam to Olbia airport and took a taxi to our hotel. It was cool to see the crystal blue sea and the different beaches from the window in the plane. When you land in Olbia you immediately feel very calm and relaxed. We were the only flight that landed and the airport was really calm too. We stayed for 10 nights at the Terra di Mare Resort & Spa. I couldn't recommend any other hotel if you want to go to San Teodoro. The staff is super friendly and everything is well organized and clean. 

La Dolce Vita In Sardinia

The first two days we didn't plan any trips outside San Teodoro yet. In San Teodoro there a few beaches that you need to go to if you are there. The most popular one is La Cinta. We went here the most time because the water is so beautiful and you can windsurf or do any watersport you like. I went windsurfing a lot there, almost every day. I recommend if you go to this beach to walk further, because at the end you almost have the whole sea for yourself. We also went to Spiaggia Isuledda. To reach this beach we rented a bike. It's a lot less crowded than La Cinta but very nice to go to if you want to relax or want to rent a boat. Cala Luna and Budoni have great beaches too if you are up to visit more. Also if you want to escape from the heat just take a plunge in the water there, it's a lot colder than the other beach but super refreshing! 

La Dolce Vita In Sardinia

The city of San Teodoro is very nice. It has lots of cute shops and every evening from 8 o'clock the city becomes car free and they have a big market where they sell local products. We went for an evening walk and you can experience the nightlife there, pubs, winebars and ice cream bars. You don't have to worry about finding something to eat! I really liked going to the restaurants there, most of them you can enjoy your dinner while listening to live music. There are also lots of small shops that are family businesses. I walked into a jewelry shop that was run by an old lady. They sold a brand called Stroili, maybe you've heard of it. It's Italian and it's very and they have cute things. I bought a necklace and a matching ring. 

After the first few days we decided it was time to see more of the island. I really wanted to do a day trip to Palau and to the La Maddalena Islands. We drove from San Teodoro to Palau and took a 40-minute ferry to La Maddalena. You really need to go here, it's so beautiful. It's the largest island of the archipelago and there is always something to do. Some buildings are very colorful, in pink and orange. We went sailing for the entire day and it's an experience you'll never forget. We also went to Porto Cervo, in the north of Sardinia. It's the place to be if you are up for some shopping at Prada, Louis Vuitton or Bulgari. And maybe during your shopping trip you'll stand behind your favorite movie star, who knows!? The beaches there are also very nice and it's just a place you need to see when you're in Sardinia. 

sardinia family holiday

- It's best to visit Sardinia in June or september. In July and August it's it's very crowded and the prices are very high. 
-Almost everybody that visits Sardinia rents a car. That's really a must have if you want to see more of the island and a road trip is always good of course!
-To save money, just collect food at the local supermarket instead of going out to eat every day.

sardinia family holiday

This holiday was really fun! Because it was so hot I didn't go on as many excursions as planned. Next summer I'm definitely going back and I'll make new memories to never forget.
QUESTION TIME - Have you ever been to Sardinia? 
Have a lovely day,



  1. I was in Sardinia a few months ago but in the city of Cagliari! Sounds like you had a really nice time!


  2. Beautiful blog! Loves the pictures. Thank you for the tips they're definitely helpful.

  3. Love this ! Beautiful photos . I've never been to Sardinia but it looks so beautiful there !

  4. Beautiful photographs! Make me definitely want to visit those clear blue waters!


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