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How To Find Your Dream Car

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Hey everyone,

Since the moment I got my driver's licence, I've always wanted to have my own car. I can still remember how happy I was to have passed the test. Just a few months later, I purchased my first car ever. A black Fiat 500 and I'm still in love with it! Having your own car gives you so much more freedom and you feel more independent. Not to forget going on a road trip with friends is just very fun to do as well! Maybe you're a student like me and want to find the perfect car. Sometimes it can get quite overwhelming to choose from endless possibilities of types of cars. To make it a little bit easier, here are some tips to find your dream car!

How To Find Your Dream Car

This is the most important step towards finding your dream car. I'm really not a car expert, so before I pick a car I want to know everything about it first. Inform yourself about how much repairing the car will costs you, if there are enough garages in your neighbourhood, how many cars from this model are there and more. Cars.com can give you a lot of helpful information when buying a car. It's one of the largest digital automotive platforms, connecting consumers with local dealers. On their website you can find the latest car news, updates and trends and the website even has a videos and reviews feature. On their site you can read honest reviews about the performance of a car you want to buy. If a car isn't rated very well, it immediately narrows down your list and helps you find the perfect car. 

After informing yourself, the next step is to ask yourself the question what type of car suits your needs. Everybody is in a different stage in their life. If you are still in college than a very big car is probably not very convenient. But if you are already working and have to drive far away, than a bigger car might be safer and a better option. For me, the Fiat 500 is perfect because it's small and it doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Although I wouldn't mind having this cute pink Fiat! 

How To Find Your Dream Car

When I got my driver's license I immediately wanted to buy a car. But before that, you need to decide whether or not you want to buy second hand car or a completely new car. Sometimes buying a cheap used car, will only costs you more later on. If you have a tight budget, than a used car is perfect. There are plenty of used cars that have not many miles and look as new. 

How To Find Your Dream Car

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope these tips will make it a little bit easier for you if you are looking to buy a car. They will narrow down some cars from the endless possibilities. Remember to not rush into it. Sometimes it can be better to wait when it feels right. Good luck!!
QUESTION TIME - What is your dream car?

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  1. This weekend I just picked up my dream car, a vintage Fiat 500 from 1972. It's peagreen in colour and adorable. I'm going to start an instagram account for it :)


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