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Make Time For Your Skin With Garnier Skincare Products

Skincare tips

From the end of May untill beginning of June Garnier drew attention to the importance of cleaning your face. Taking good care of my skin has always been very important for me. Sinds I was around ten years old my mom learned me to create a skincare routine that suited my skin as a teenager. Now years later I can't thank her enough. There are still many girls and women out there that don't wash their face before going to bed. Waking up with a full face of make-up from a party or even just leaving mascara on is bad. Read further for some skincare product tips!

I didn't wash my face for a week and this is what happend
I was curious to see what would happen if I stopped washing my face everyday. My skin is quite oily around the t-zone and the rest is I think normal to combination skin. On the first I didn't notice any differences, but I did put a lot of sun cream because I spent a day at the beach. Usually when I come from the beach I was my face with a cleansing product but now I only washed it with warm water. The next day I woke up and my skin was even oilier especially around my nose. I also started to get a few small breakouts on my forehead and around my mouth. On this day I also applied sunscreen and my daily moisturizer. My skin felt like I layered to much creams on top of each other and it didn't feel very good. Basically the next few days until the end of the week were the same, I started getting small breakouts and my skin felt bumpy and did not look so good. After this week I realized how important cleaning your skin is. 

Why you should clean your face
But why should you take the effort to clean your face? Most women and girls fear aging. The sun damages your skin more than you think and the results are visible years later. Wrinkles start to appear earlier, skin gets dryer and too much sun can in some cases lead to skin cancer. Cleaning your face is just like protecting yourself from the sun. Your skin ages everyday, aging is just a thing we can't avoid. When washing your face before going to bed you help keeping your skin looking young longer. During your sleep your skin uses oxygen to repair and when you have a layer of makeup on it blocks the oxygen. Another reason to clean your skin daily is because you help prevent it from getting dehydrated. Hydrating your skin is the key to avoiding fine lines and waking up with a fresh skin the next morning. Other things you avoid by taking good care of your skin are acne, large pores and irritated skin. 
Make Time For Your Skin With Garnier Skincare Products

Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb
This moisturizer is perfect if you are in need of some extra hydration. It's a cream you can use daily with spf 10 and with a light texture. A big plus is that because of the light texture I often wear the cream as a primer, a basis for my makeup. My skin is quite oily and I was a bit afraid that the cream would make my skin even oilier. But that is luckily not the case! You feel immediately that your skin is fresh and hydrated. I do want to say that this cream contains ingredients like alchohol, perfume and silicons that you can better avoid if you have a very sensitive skin. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

This is a newer product from Garner and comes in two versions, a gel with a green cap for sensitive skin and one in pink for a normal to combination skin. The product is comparable to a face wash, the gel removes all the dirt and makeup from your face. It's also very practical because it comes in a pump so you never use too much of the gel at once and it's more hygienic. I've used it a couple of times but I didn't notice any differences to my skin. My skin did become soft afterwards but that didn't last very long. I can't say it's a great product but the gel is also not very bad. If you like an affordable and easy to use face wash than it's a good compromise. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 
I like this product a lot better in comparison to the cleansing gel wash. The cleansing water is very mild and soft for your skin because there is no perfume, dyes and parabens. The product does what is promises and removes makeup pretty good. Personally I like to remove waterproof makeup with a cleansing oil, but when you're lazy this cleansing water is also very good. I also have a bottle in pink in a smaller size. 

Make Time For Your Skin With Garnier Skincare Products

I kind of expected the products to do more for my skin, especially from the gel wash. Garnier uses quite a few ingredients that are aggressive for your skin and you have to watch out for if you have a very sensitive skin. This ingredients can also do the opposite of hydrating and can dehydrate your skin. I'm still going to use the Garnier skincare products for sure but in combination with other natural skincare products. Brands that look carefully at what ingredients they put in a cream or gel. A fifty dollar cream doesn't always have to be better than a 10 dollar one at the local drugstore. I'm definitely not an expert but there are many experts online that write about what ingredients you have to avoid and which not to choose a good product. Some good skincare brands I like are La Roche-Posay, Jetske Ultee, Dermalogica and Jurlique. 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! 




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