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Unique Gift Idea: Engraved Wooden Watch

Hey everyone,

It's almost June can you believe that!? After all the exams and stressful weeks I can now see the summer holiday has officially started. I'm really looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life, going to university, meeting new people and see what the future holds. Summer holiday also means more blogging! For today I would love to show you something very cool. Want to know what I'm talking about, read further now!

Unique Gift Idea: Engraved Wooden Watch
Creative Use of Technology is a creative company run by three people. Their different backgrounds of architecture and city building introduced them to 3D printing. All the unique qualities combined made the perfect team with endless possibilities that the technologies could bring. From this point on the company was born in 2012, a creative company that lets the customer be creative as well. On their webshop you can find all things wooden, you name it they have it. From wooden lamps, to necklace, to watches and even wooden phone cases. 

Unique Gift Idea: Engraved Wooden Watch

I was lucky enough to receive a wooden handcrafted watch. I choose a brown leather strap, but there are also watches completely from wood or in colors like blue and black and all 100% natural. The wooden watches are made from bamboo and come in two different sizes, 43 mm and 36 mm. Both watch sizes are for men and women. The part that really made the watch special to me was that I engraved it. It's custom made and you can choose your own font, size and can even add a cute heart of other symbols you would like to have added. There are so many possibilities and fun quotes to add to the watch. After searching on Google and Tumblr I came across the quote: 'It's Time To Shine.' It's the perfect quote and I really like it. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a gift for someone that's different. A wooden watch is a great gift for your friend, yourself or your loved one to make them feel extra special. It's an affordable and unique gift you'll love for sure! 

Unique Gift Idea: Engraved Wooden Watch

I absolutely love my new watch and I'm happy I discovered this company! I never thought I would like a wooden watch but this company showed me the opposite. Ithe watch is really light, and easy to wear and I'll never be late again! Because wood is a very natural shade you can wear your watch with almost every outfit. With the right accessoires you can transform your outfit from your look from casual to glam for a night out. I would love to add more wooden items to my collection. Next on top of my wishlist is a wooden phone case from Creative Use of Technology! 

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! For an original and special gift you're at the right place. Don't forget to visit the webshop of Creative Use of Technology for many more wooden decorations and ideas! 
QUESTION TIME - What do you think about a wooden watch? 

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