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Movies You Should Watch For The Best Girls Night In

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When I'm tired after a long and busy day, watching a movie is my favorite thing to do. It's a good way to forget everything around you for a minute and live in another world. My absolute all time favorite movie has to be Beauty and the Beast which released this year and got amazing reviews. Emma Watson plays Belle really well and it's almost like a musical with all the songs. Also la la land was really cool too! Read further for the best chick flicks of all time you can watch to have the best girls night in!

Best chick flicks of all time

Choosing a movie can be difficult because there are just endless options you can choose from. To help you a little bit there is a site called whichmovienext.com where you can find many movies divided by genre, year, storyline or even by actor. It's now very easy to pick a category and choose from the movies you selected. On whichmovienext there is a movie for everybody, from chick flicks, to horror movies you can watch with the entire family. I think most girls including me love watching romantic movies and you can find great ones on their site. Another really cool thing is that when you click on a movie from a certain category you will see similar movies that you may want to watch as well. In one click you get a lot of movies to add to your list! 

Movies For a Girls Night In
Safe Heaven - This movie was very fun to watch and I can really recommend it if you love romance but also a little bit of drama and scary moments. It's about a young woman named Katie who visits North Carolina and starts a relationship with Alex and with her neighbor Jo. 
Must watch chick flicks

Me Before You - I've heard so many good things about this movie. I did hear the soundtrack and it was really beautiful!  The story revolves about a girl from a small town who develops an unique bond with a paralyzed man which she also takes care of. A fun fact: Emilia Clarke plays the girl in this movie but she also got offered to play Anastasia Steel in Fifthy Shades of Grey but turned it down. 

Girls movie list

The Ugly Truth - Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler played the roles very well. If you want some romance and want to laugh at the funny moments with your friends than this movies is perfect to watch. It all starts with a morning show producer who wants to prove his theories on relationships on a correspondent. This leads to something special between the two and is the start of many funny moments coming ahead. Definitely a movie to put on your girls movie list!
Movies You Should Watch For The Best Girls Night In

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and want to start watching some movies now too! These are just a few examples of the many movies there are on the site. Head over to whichmovienext.com now for more fun movies to make your Girl's Night In complete! 
QUESTION TIME - What is your all time favorite movie?

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  1. Always looking for new movies to watch so thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Hi Emma! Thank you so much for your comment! Movies are always good not matter what day it is.
      Isabella x

  2. This blog is further than my expectations. Nice work guys!!!
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