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Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

Hey everyone,

It's December, a month with a lot of cool and exciting things happening! Looking back on this year, I remember the day it was the 1st of January and thought this year is going to go by very quickly. December is the month of baking my favorite Christmas cookies, going to London and of ice skating. Although I'm not really a fan of cold weather, Christmas break is definitely my favorite holiday. Christmas is a time where all my family members are together in one place and spend time with each other. In our busy lives we often get so caught up in our own world that you almost forget how fast time goes by. That's why Christmas is so nice and all the decorations and pretty Christmas trees make it even better. Around November I always start watching Christmas movies. They're just so fun to watch and it's also really relaxing. Under your cozy blanket, a cup of coffee and with a bowl of popcorn. Right now I'm really into the Hallmark Christmas movies that I watch on YouTube. Here's a list of my top Christmas movies! 

Favorite Festive Films

1. A Princess for Christmas
Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

2. Almost Christmas
Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

3. Happy Christmas

Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

4. Four Christmases

Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

5. Office Christmas Party 
Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

6. A very Murray Christmas 
Blogmas: Favorite Festive Films

What is your favorite festive film?

Have a lovely day,


  1. I havn't seen too many of these! Looks like I know what to do for the holidays :)
    xx nicole

  2. o wat leuk! Ik ken er een hoop nog niet!

    1. Dankje! Ja ze zijn echt heel leuk om te kijken!


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