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Blogmas: Cool & comfy jumpsuits to wear everyday

Hey everyone,

Jumpsuits are one of my favorite items when it comes to fashion. They are comfortable, available in any size or pattern and really cute for a night out or to wear daily. A jumpsuit is definitely the number one item on my wishlist. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right jumpsuit because their are just so many possibilities. It's all about creating your style and showing your personality trough your clothes. Read further for some cool styling tips to rock that jumpsuit! Grab your favorite cookie and let's get started!

Finding a jumpsuit that in the right size is a must for looking good in what you wear. The jumpsuit doesn't have to be too loose or to tight. A jumpsuit that's too tight might not give you the look you want. When it's too loose you can't see your figure anymore. 

A blazer is never wrong. It's a basic item that every girl needs to have in her closet, summer and winter. It's really easy to combine your jumpsuit with a blazer and it immediately looks like you made an effort to dress up but it doesn't look over the top. It's comfortable and layering adds that extra sparkle to complete your outfit. You can choose a blazer with the same colors as your jumpsuit or can choose a contrasting color. 

Blogmas: Cool & comfy jumpsuits to wear everyday

Ok, I have to admit that I've never worn heels in my life before. But every time I see somebody wearing heels their outfit looks just so much better. Heels make your figure stand out more in a positive way and it makes your legs look longer. When wearing a wider jumpsuit at the bottom it looks really good to combine it with a pair of heels. 

I would love to show you some cool jumpsuits from StyleWe. But first a little bit more about the brand. StyleWe is an online shop that features independent fashion designers. Their goal is to provide shoppers high quality and exclusive fashion items. StyleWe works with original and talented designers from all over the world. This makes a unique combination with trendy fashion and providing unique clothes for everybody. StyleWe isn't just an ordinary store, the brand tries to create a community where designers and customers can communicate with each other. They can also share ideas and opinions with each other. This community of giving and receiving feedback helps the designers I launching their clothe into lines and gives us a greater experience as well. StyleWe believes that fashion is for everybody. It's all about showing your personality through your clothes, without having to speak. 

The first jumpsuit is very vintage looking. The rose gold color is perfect for Christmas or to wear at a party. This jumpsuit is more suitable for special occasions or parties and not really for daily wear. The bottom is high waist so it makes your waist look smaller and the top is very cute to with the glitter accessories and the long sleeves. 

This jumpsuit is very comfy and my favorite from the three looks. I love the military green and gives you a tomboy and sporty look. It's easy for daily wear and with a pair of sneakers you're ready to go.  

With a denim jumpsuit you can never go wrong. I love how they combined it with a sort of african look and the bold statement necklace. The embroidered jumpsuit is comfortable and cute for everyday wear. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Finding your own style is a fun way of letting people see who your are. Don't forget to check out StyleWe on Instagram. What is you favorite look?

Have a lovely day,
Isabella ❤


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