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Swarovski wishlist

Hey everyone,

It's so hot today, there is a heatwave in the Netherlands! Many schools got a shortened schedule because it was almost fourthy degrees outside but expect my school. To make it a little bit better I bought ice creams for me and my friends. A quick life update: it's my first week of school and I have quite long days almost every day. I still have to get used to having to be on time for each class and looking on my watch. But I also kind of like that I have my normal routine back. My birthday is in September and I'm already making a Wishlist hahah! I always love to make Wishlist and also put things I my shopping cart and never actually buy them. Recently I discoverd the webshop Lookfantastic, maybe you've heard of it before and I came across the beauty box subscription. I think I'll try one out and I'll defentily show my beauty box with you in a blog post if you would like that. I hope you enjoy my post! 


For today's post I thought it would be a fun idea as I love making wishlists that I would share one about my favorite jewelry brand called Swarovksi. They have so many adorable things, not only jewelry. They have also stationary and other cute accessories. A few years ago my father started collecting small Swarovski crystal elements, his first was a winter bear collection. My father gave them to me as a gift and from that moment I started collections them too. (Now he has a new obsession, collecting chickens) The rings are really cool and the heart necklace is also very cute. 

Swarovski wishlist jewelry

Leather strap watch

Swarovski ring
€220 - swarovski.com

Pave necklace

Silver jewellery

White jewelry

€34 - designersguild.com

Swarovski Disney - Daisy Duck
€295 - swarovski.com

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it! 

What is your favorite Swarovski item?

Have a lovely day,



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  1. Ik vind het zilveren sleutelhangertje echt super leuk!


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