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Colorful back to school supplies

Hey everyone,

Ahh school is already starting next week!Can you believe it!? Time really flies. I remember the day I had still two months holiday. Quick life update: Looking back on these weeks I have to say I've grown a lot during this summer. At the beginning of my holiday I went with my brother by plane to Rome to spend time with my Italian family there. Also my summer job made me more independent too, because you help other people who can't do everything around the house anymore. I now understand better how older people feel and under which difficult circumstances they live and really appreciate your help. And not to forget I got my drivers license! I was so happy because it was kind of a weird story. One week before my test my drivers instructor was saying all the things I did wrong and was really mean and only made me nervous. This went on for until the test and I really had the feeling I wasn't ready to pass the test. He even planned like 10 lessons in one week which is really absurd. I decided to not let him come along during my test. You know that feeling right before an exam, I didn't know where to sit or stand.. Everything went very well and luckily the instructor was really friendly. Than finally I heard the good news that I passed! I couldn't believe it and my drivers instructor didn't even smile. But it was my revenge haha!! Now on to the school supply haul.To make it just a little bit better I got myself some cute and colorful back to school items to start fresh this year. I also have another post on back to school shopping here

hema back to school supplies

All these supplies are bought in the Hema, a well know store in the Netherlands which has everything from fashion to food and is comparable to a Walmart in the United States. This year I wanted to go for something colorful because it's my senior year and than I'm off to Uni. 

Mini Markers
When I saw these mini markets I immediately wanted to have them. They are so cute and tiny and I love the different colors. The patterns remind me off summer which make school a little bit more colorful. 

hema back to school supplies

Academic planner 2016-2017
At first I wanted to by a personalized planner on Etsy, I really recommend that if you want to add a personal touch to it and design your own planner. But because I don't really use it that often and it's quite expensive I went for one at the Hema. They had many different ones to choose from, like a few that are from a brand but I choose one that's from Hema itself. It's in bright blue with big dots on the top. It's a week view planner and what's very handy is that it has a lot of space to write things in. It's in A5 format and also easy to take with you. Hopefully I'll be organized this year haha.. 

hema cute academic planner 2016-2017

Pencil case
In combination I wanted to have a new pencil case. I found this pink one with a palm tree on the zipper which also reminds be of the summer. The bright pink color is very cheerful and cute for next year. It's a medium format not too big just right for all the necessary things. 

Hema cute pencil case pink

Thank you for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed my back to school supplies! What is your back to school must have for this year? 

Have a lovely day,



  1. Ahhh so cute! I love back to school supplies even though I'm not in school anymore!

  2. Those mini markers are so cute!! Compact and handy. Best of luck in your last year!

  3. My toddler is too young for back to school, but I love cute, colorful supplies. I will get her some anyway (no markers, though!) And I want some for me too for my home office!

  4. As a mom of girls I know they would love these school supplies. I love the pencil case!

    April | http://thebluehydrangeas.com

  5. Omg everything is so cute!! I love back to school supplies so much. All office supplies are my obsession. This is perfect!
    Keep Sparkling✨
    Sparkling Southerner
    Find me at : Instagram

  6. I love anything with color. These picks are so great -- I'm sure it would make going back to school a lot more fun!


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