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Tips to relax

Hey everyone,

Do you also have that, hat you come home from a busy day at school, college or work and you still have a lot of work that needs to be done? I have that a lot. And it can be quite stressful sometimes. I tend to always say: 'Ah, I will do it later' or just relax for a couple of hours a move the work and than I have to get it done too quickly. Here are some tips to completely relax. 

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No stress tips

When you come home from a busy day, and you have things that you need to finish for tomorrow or for that week just finish them immediately. It's the best thing to do. Of course, first you can have a little break. Watch some tv and eat some cookies. But not for hours. Because when you say you'll do it later, your head will be filled with the idea that you still have to do something. And you may get a little stressed. 

Another important thing is that you have to learn to say no. When your friend wants to hang out with you, and you also want to hangout with your boyfriend you have to choose someone. Or maybe go on a group date?! :D Just find ways to combine things, so you can be a relaxed. 

Writing things down in a planner, can also be very handy. The best planner, is one with a weekly view. So you can see what needs to be done that whole week. It keeps you organized, and you can be more relaxed. 

Just relax
When all your work is done, you can finally do sonething fun. 
The things I always do to relax, and just clean my mind are listening to some music, playing tennis(sports really help) or I ask my friend to cone over. And just look on Facebook, Pinterest or talk about cute guys. ;) Some other things you can do to relax are:

tips to relax

1. Cook. Learn some new recipes. It's fun to, and afterwards you can show your family the yummy meal you learned to make. Maybe it's fun to cook dinner for your family sometime?! 

2. Take a shower. Pamper yourself a bit under a warm shower. Use your favorite shower gel and afterwards pamper yourself with some bodylotion. 

3. Have a backyard sale. You can earn a little bit extra money, maybe enough to buy that cute pair of shoes you always wanted! And you meet new people.

4. Go for a walk. Just clean your mind, and think about nothing. If you have a dog, walk your dog. It's a good way to be relaxed. 

5. Read a book. When you read a book(if it's good) you replace yourself in the story and forgot your own world. Also good to stay relaxed. :)

These were some tips to stay relaxed and with no stress. I hope it helped a little bit! 
Thanks for reading!

How do you stay relaxed?
Have a lovely day,



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