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Good flexibility exercises for the splits

Hey everyone,

I have always wanted to do the splits one time, but I never really had the motivation to stretch everyday. Now I finally have and since last week I'have done 15 minutes of flexibility exercises everyday and you can see the difference already. At first when I was standing up I couldn't touch the ground and now I can touch it with my full hands! Improving your flexibility is good for your body. I often have restless legs and these exercises really help for me to relax the muscles.  

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

There are some exercises that I do almost everyday that work well for me, a beginner and also if you are further. You won't see the results immediately, after a while you can see little improvements and eventually you can do the split!

Flexibility exercises


1. The first excercise that I start with is just putting my legs in front next to each other and try to bend over and touch your toes with your hands. At first you might not be able to do that immediately, but after a whille you can reach further every time you practice. Try to bend your back also to have a complete and better stretch.

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

2. My second stretch is this binding one leg at a time to yur other leg that you keep straight in front of you. Than you have to try how to lean to your toes or even touch them. When you did that for both sides you can also stretch with your arms in front in the middle in this position. Repeat this for boths legs. 

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

3. This exercise is is called the butterfly stretch. Many years ago when I did ballet I always had to do this one because it's so effective and it makes your thigh muscles more flexible. Sit in the yoga position and move your legs up and down just like a butterfly! If you are more advanced you can try to push your legs more to the ground.

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

4. This is a very simple one to do. You stand up straight with your legs next to each other and lean forward with your stomach against your legs and try to touch the ground. If you want to have a deepens stretch you can also grab your ankles. 

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

5. My last exercise is this one. It's a step before the splits. Put one leg in front of the other and and push your hips to the ground. This really makes your thigh muscles more flexible and its a great start for eventually doing the split. Repeat this for both legs. 

Good flexibility exercises for the splits

Other tips
* Keep stretching your body, otherwise you will have to start all over again
*Don't push yourself too hard. If you feel any sort of pain just do it a little bit less intensive
*I haven't mentioned this stretch above, but you can also do a stretch against the wall.
*For a faster result you can hold each stretch for about 30 seconds 
*What I always do after my routine is trying to do a split and see how far I can go. :)

I hope you liked my tips on flexibility exercises!
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Have a lovely day,



  1. Thanks so much for this, Isabella! I've always wanted to do the splits...to my everlasting embarrassment, I've never been able to do it before! xD Can you do it, now?

  2. Aah die wilde ik vroeger ook heel graag! Ik heb alleen ook nooit de motivatie gehad om het af te maken.. Ik hoop echt dat jou het lukt!


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