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5 Must read blogs if you love..

Hey everyone,

There are so many blogs that I love to read and always have something fun and exciting to share. Like reading fashion blogs and looking for some inspiration to add to your wardrobe for this season. Or when you want to buy that lipstick but first want to know what someone thinks about it, that´s why beauty blogs are very helpful and fun to read. I thought it was a good idea to list 5 must have blogs to read if you love fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and food. 


Sincerely Jules. Julie Sarinana began her blog in 2009 just to express her thoughts, creativity and fashion online with the world. Untill now her blog has been very succesful. It´s been futured in for example the Glamour, Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan. She inspires her readers everyday and shares her daily style and life and hopes to continue to motivate her readers. 

I found her blog last year while I was searching on Google for a good fashion blog and Sincerely Jules came up and love it very much. Her blog looks beautiful and I love her daily outfits she shares. She also has her wishlist on her blog where you can see all kinds of cute items to buy and it links directly to the website.


Essie Button. She moved from Canada to England about five years ago and love it very much there. That´s when she started her beauty blog Essie Button as a fun hobby and has been obsessed with beauty blogging ever since! She loved it so much that she made a youtube channel and also makes vlogs. On her blog you can read articles like Spring makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, lifestyle articles and fun tips on everything. 

It looks like a very cheerful blog and love her blog header very much! (So cute!) She comes up everytime with new good tips on how to make your makeup look better or how to apply it. It´s fun to read it to!


Our City Lights. A lifestyle blog by Diana about everything that has to do with photography, beauty, reading, homemaking, shopping and many more topics. She started ten years ago trough a Live journal and made it´s own to Squarespace. Her work has also been featured in Elle magazine and Apartment Therapy. Blogging is her fulltime job(I wish I could say that haha)and is married.

I have to say this is probably my number one favorite of my top five blogs. Her photography is really pretty and I love how you see her personality in her blog. Also, her monthly favorites posts are really fun to read and it inspires me too!


Savvy Sassy me. A blog mainly about fitness, but the 19 years old student is also a big food fanatic. She loves writing and sharing her passion. She has a marketing and managent major but found her passion is fitness, health and nutrition. She beleives that life will always work it´s way out and she loves challenges. She´s striving to live a healthy life and wants to spread the joy to others with her blog. On her blog you can read tips to workout,workout clothes and nutrition tips.

Her blog is really helpful because of all the good tips she gives on fitness and also the challenges she posts on her blog are really fun to participate in! 


Eat Like a Girl. A food blog by Niamh. She gives cooking lessons and most of the receipes are her own, others she learned during her travelling. She often gets the question why the title`Eat Like a Girl` and than see always answers why not. Eating like a girl isn´t a bad thing. On her blog you´ll find fun recepices to make at home that will make you look forward to your lunch or dinner. She also share her favorite restaurant recommendations for where you should eat and her travel stories. 

The recipes are not recipes you would normally think of yourself to make. That´s why it´s also fun to read them and try them out for yourself at home.(I can already make brownies..)

These were my 5 must read blogs. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe you have a blog that you love very much, than I would love to know that too! 

Have a lovely day, 



  1. I knew about sincerely jules, maybe bcause i'm more into fashion blogs than other kind og blogs, I'm going to check all your choices

    The Color Palette

  2. Great links.
    I love these too

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. I only know Essie but now I will check the others as well!! x

  4. Ik lees geen Engelse blogs, maar mijn favorieten zijn Lifesplash, VeraCamilla, Disfordazzle en Teskuh. (: En de blog van mijn beste vriendin: lovebeinglouise.weebly.com (zou het superleuk vinden als je daar eens op kijkt!)

  5. I feel like Alice in wonderland and you've just opened my new fashion blogger eyes to a bigger world 😍 Love the structure and easy read of this!!!

    Theresa 💕

  6. I feel like Alice in wonderland and you've just opened my new fashion blogger eyes to a bigger world 😍 Love the structure and easy read of this!!!

    Theresa 💕

  7. Heyy Isabel, I've nominated you for the Versatile/Infinity Dream Award! Check out my blog post on it for more information http://afrobeebeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/the-versatile-blogger-award-2-infinity.html
    Abbie xx

  8. I love Estee's blog! I've never heard of any of the others before so I'll check them out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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