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Things I do during some me-time

Hey everyone,

I hope you are having a great day!? Last week I had to do a six km school run and it was really hard to do. Because I was ill when the run was I had to do it this year. But there were some people who didn't receive the email that the run was that day including me and I didn't have my gym clothes with me. I felt really stupid that I had to run in my jeans, but luckily I was wearing my pair of sneakers and in the end it was all fine because the sun was shining and my friend was running next to me. So yeah that was basically something that happened last week and I'm still running now around two times a week since the school run. I really feel better, so if you want to feel good and want to go outside than running  is maybe a good tip for you. Oh, when I was jogging I couldn't not stop so I took a pictures of beautiful flowers and a selfie. 

me-time tag

All my exams are finished and already have my results back. When I received my grades I was overall happy that I only had a less good grade in math.(not my thing;) Now I have to make my finals in May and than I'm done with high school, yeahhh!!!! I think when I hear that I'm graduated I'll cry happy tears... Back to what I want to share with you now. I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what I normally do when I have a me-time day. I try to have that day once a week, usually on Sunday. During the week you're often very busy with friends, work and other stuff and you can forget yourself sometime. That's why having a me-time day is good for you and it's very fun and relaxing too! 

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What do I read and watch during my me-time
Netflix!! It's my best friend!! Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl are my favorite tv shows and I love to watch it in bed with a big cup of tea and cookies. When watching tv shows I really become part of their world and totally forget everything for a moment. I once watched a serie, I don't remember which one and it stopped after one season and I was so said it finished. Like everyday when I came home I had to watch the show. Also Reading other blogs on Bloglovin is really fun to do and I enjoy it very much. Thans where I comment on other blogs and get some inspiration for my own blog too! 

gossip girl

What do I wear during my me-time
Pyjamas with fuzzy socks are my must have items on my me-time day. In Dutch we always say Oude Kloffie, that means wearing something old at home. I change into comfortable and cute clothes and it really makes me feel relaxed. I also wear my bath robe a lot at home. I bought it on Next online and it's very cute with ears on top. It looks just like a bear. Since I got it we have been inseparable.

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What product do I use during my me-time
A good face mask from Dr. Verhoog is really something I enjoy very much. It can be for my face but also a hair or total body srub is perfect and relaxing. Afterwards your skin feels soo soft! A few days ago I bought a srub and shower gel from Dove and when I tried it it felt really soft and it smells also nice. I think I'll do a review of those products next time. And doing my nails with my favorite nail polish from Collistar is also very fun to do. I still want to try the gel nail polish because it stays longer and looks cute. 

Other things I do during my me-time
Going outside when the sun is shining to go running, or going for a walk on the beach, buying a big ice cream and shopping are things I love to do outside during my relax moment. The fresh air instantly makes you feel better and afterwards you can snuggle up in your bed with your blanket and watch Netflix. So great!! I often drink tea, hot chocolate or water and eat pizza, fruit or pasta. Love Italian food!! Mmmm... 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! 
What do you do during your me-time?

Have a lovely day,




  1. Wat een leuke post! Ik ben ook dol op andere blogs lezen, het is zo verslavend. Ik zou nu ook eigenlijk moeten gaan slapen, haha. XD x

  2. Interesting list. xx

  3. This is such a cute post! I do the same. I love sitting in bed watching Netflix. I need to find new shows, I'm currently watching Once Upon A Time season 2, I'm also on American Horror Story's 2nd season.

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