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Personal update || Life #2

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far?! This week was very exciting for me. I had my first driving lesson! Well, I havo to say I was a little bit nervous before. But I really liked it! I was aloud to drive and and navigate and give gas and push the brake. I read reviews online from people who also had their first driving lesson but they weren't aloud to do all these things. It was very fun, also because I drove in the Mini in red(my fav color). First I drove thirty where sixty was aloud, after a while I hit the gas and everytime I did that the instructor flew in his chair.... He was very relaxed and it made me feel relaxed too. Here in Holland you're aloud to taking lessons when you're sixteen and a half. When I was at that age I didn't want to take driving lessons. I just switched from school level, with new classmates and everything different. I was scared of things that weren't in my own hands. Do you sometimes have that too? And I think it also was because I wanted to stay a teenager for ever and not grow up. Time goes so fast, but now I've excepted it and it actually is very fun to do something new besides going to school. 

This week I had a my profile presentation and everyone from my class was really nervous. We had a geography lesson that day and the teacher asked if we all did the homework but actually no one had it. We were all really learning and practicing the presentation. It's a big thing, you work for it for more than a year and you want everything to go well. Also parents were aloud to come and afterwards there was a party/meeting. Mine went pretty well and I hope it's a good note after all that week I put into it. So glad it's over!! Now it's holiday for me, yeah!!! There is a movie that I want to see because like almost everyone already saw it and the reviews were very good. It's the fifty shades of grey movie. I'm pretty sure you know it. It's with a lot of romantic(you know what I mean;) in it, but seems nice to watch with friend in the cinema. Oh, today I went with my mom to a small town called Sassenheim and there is a very big store. Like a Walmart but smaller and they had all the Opi and Ciate nail polish for four euro. But I only bought a dark red Opi nail polish which I needed to complete my collection.(big collector)

This weeks life lesson I've learned is:
*It's scary to grow up, maybe you don't want to yet. But you will grow up as time passes, so just accept it and make it the best time of your life! 

Do you have any exciting things planned? 
Have lovely day,



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  1. Nice to read your first driving experiences! Enjoy your next lessons and hopefully you will get your driving licence soon!

    Love your blog, have a great holiday!



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