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Since last year I've kind of got interested in the famous jewelry brand Pandora. They have so many different charms, bracelets, necklaces and cute other things that you really want to have them all. For my seventeenth birthday I got a Pandora bracelet with a few light pink charms. Once you buy a bracelet, you can add different charms to it. Now I still want to buy a pretty blue charm with silver. When I feel like I want to wear blue today, I change the charms and it looks just as pretty! I love that about Pandora. On my Wishlist is also a chain to protect your bracelet if the clip breaks, just in case it breaks. 


In love with Pandora-- pink colored Pandora bracelet, golden heart necklace charm #pandorajewerly #pandorabracelet 

In love with Pandora-- pink colored Pandora bracelet, golden heart necklace charm #pandorajewerly #pandorabracelet

Every month there is a different birth color that you can choose from. It's nice when you have your birthday and pick your matching color. The next Pandora Spring Disney Collection of 2015 will be available on 12st of March. A blogger who loves charms and brands like Trollbeads has previewed the collection already. She says it's full of Disney princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Frozen. The Disney collection of 2014 was more about Mickey and Minnie. I think I will love this years' collection! This is her blog: 


I would love to show my bracelet with you and a few charms. For Valentine's Day my dad bought me a hanger/chain with a gold with silver heart to put on a necklace. I really love that and I thought it was very sweet of my dad to do that. (Chocolates were also good, but I don't say no to this;) I hope you like them! 

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  1. Ik heb wel eens van dit merk gehoord maar er nog nooit iets van gekocht. Ziet er wel heel leuk uit dus daar moet ik misschien maar eens verandering in brengen!


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