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Cute summer outfits

Hey everyone,

 Recently, I looked at some of my clothes for spring and summer that I kept from last year. I wanted to clean my wardrobe, and put all the winter stuff away to get a little more the summer feeling. I made three outfits which I thought were cute for hot days. Almost all the clothes are from Hollister. And I hope you like them!


Hollister summer outfit

The first outfit is a perfect outfit for a walk to the beach. The sweater is very handy if it's just a little bit fresh outside. And it's also very cute with the different shades of colors. The sweater and the short are both from Hollister. I bought the sweater at the online webshop from Hollister. I don't know if they still have the sweater, and if they don't have it there will be sort of the same ones in different patterns. The sweater was around 18 euros. I bought the short in a Hollister store in Rome for 30 euros. Not to gorget the shoes. They are from Bickembergs. The shoes are really comfortable, and the pink color looks really girly. I bought in a shopping outlet in Rome with a lot of discount. They were 50 euros. I hope they still fit, because I haven't tried them in a year! To make the look complete, I added a watch from Triwa that was 70 euros and a cute shimmery lipgloss from Bobbi Brown for 22 euros. 

Hollister summer dress

The second outfit is for the beach, or just for a really warm day. I have 4 dresses from Hollister, and I think I have them for quite a long time. They are so cute, and they are really comfortable. This dress from Hollister has a sweetheart neckline, and has a cute floral pattern. If you want to buy a dress from Hollister or Abercrombie, you don't have to be very tall. Because the dresses are not so long.  I'm not really tall, and even on my body it's a little bit short. But if you go to the beach, it's perfect. My father bought them in the US. He had a deal for 4 dresses 60 dollars. It's a lot cheaper than online. And to add the final touch, the same watch that I used before(really looks good with almost everything)the Trwia. And the Bobbi Brown lipgloss, with a cute pearl necklace that I bought on a market this week in Naples for 1 euro. 

Cute summer outfit inspiration

The last outfit is also perfect for hot summer days. The item that I love the most is the lace top with short sleeves. It's really cute and classy and it's shows a little bit your stomach. In the back there is a cute bow. The top is from Hollister and I bought it online in the sale for 18 euros. The short is also nice, with two different colors. And with ruffles on the bottom. The short was also online in the sale, and I bought it for 30 euros. The tube scarve is from Abercrombie, with a floral pattern. If makes the outfit a little bit more special. I bought online for 28 euros. Than I added the same pearl necklace and a lipgloss from Loreal for 4 euros. 

What is your favorite clothing item this Spring?
Have a lovely day,


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