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4 Super useful tips to improve your sense for fashion

Hey everyone,

Everyone wants to look good. With clothes you can express yourself to the world, and show them who you are. People really notice you when you're wearing something fashionable. Every person can get better in choosing what to wear. It takes time to really know what your style is, and what suits your personality. There are some much different clothing options to choose from, like plaid, peplum, boot jeans and so much more. Here are some tips to make your fashion sense even better! If you want to know how to wear plaid you can read my post here

4 Super useful tips to improve your sense for fashion

1. Learn about fashion. It's good to know something about all the styles there are. And it's also good to know the trends that are hot right now. Look trough some fashion magazines or go to the shopping mall and go window shopping. You can also search the internet of course, because there is like a bunch of information about clothes and all the styles.

4 Super useful tips to improve your sense for fashion

2. Know what style you like. It's kind of difficult to go shopping and not knowing what style you like. Do some style quizzes online, or again look trough some magazines and look for the type of clothes that you prefer to wear. 

3. Make a scrapbook. I don't really know what it's called, but the intention is to make a fashion collage with all kinds of pictures that present your style. Like pictures from magazines, from your fav stores, anything you want and like. It helps you to discover your style better. 

4 Super useful tips to improve your sense for fashion

4. Know how to make an outfit. It's also good if you know how to combine clothes, and make an outfit. If you wear something loose, like boot jeans than it looks better if you wear something tight on top. When you wear something tight on the bottom like skinny jeans or a tight fitted skirt than something loose on top looks fine. Some outfit ideas are a pair of skinny jeans, with a cute blouse, converse, loose ponytail and a cute necklace. Another cute outfit is a cute dress, some sandals or ballet flats, with your hair you can do a braid or curl it and a cute ring or necklace. These are just two examples, but of course you can experiment it on your own way better.

4 Super useful tips to improve your sense for fashion

Other tips:
-Only follow the trends that you like
-Less is more
-Draw the attention to one point in your outfit
-Ask people's opinions 
-Get creative!

In fashion there never a right or wrong. And all the rules you read or hear are just how they think you should dress. On the runway on spring/summer 2014 you see a lot of pastel colors, and bold prints. Also I saw that some models wore sneakers under a dress. I have never seen it before, but it looked fun. So really anything is possible. Have fun shopping!!

What is your secret to stay in style?
Have a lovely day,


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