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Wear Stripes In Summer! // Inspiration!

Summer is here! For me summer has always been the most fun season to pick any outfits or to go shopping. It's just easier and more fun because you can easily wear airy and light clothes and they're more colourful too! There is something about stripes! They are modern, classic, and have a pattern that can be worn no matter the season. Of course, like when you wear any pattern, there is no natural way they need to be styled. However, pointers can always make their effect even more dramatic and compelling. Whether you are purchasing designer strips or women's wholesale clothing, here are some tried and tested tips on best styling your stripes.

The Best And Flattering Stripe
When wearing any pattern, it draws the eye and the attention to that specific item of clothing. That, however, should not deter you from buying or wearing striped items. They radiate classic chic, and they are ideal for every summer wardrobe. To make stripes more flattering, thin strips are better. More prominent stripes are bolder and carry more of a solid visual impact. Thinner stripes still embody all of the appeals of stipes without the same heavy pattern and initial focus. They are more classically understated and flattering if it is not a body part you want to draw attention to. 

Consider The Direction Of The Stripes
When shopping and looking at items from your favorite wholesale clothing store, you want to consider the direction the stripes are. Horizontal or vertical stripes can enhance or emphasize certain parts of your body. 
There is no set rule, and it does depend on the item of clothing. However, here are some pointers:
   Trousers - Vertical stripes can elongate your leg, make them appear slimmer, and create the effect of long slender legs. 
   Skirt - The direction of the stripe is not necessarily as important when it comes to skirts, yet it is still something to consider. Maxi skirts can be worn with vertical or horizontal stripes. However, for mini skirts, vertical strips work better. It is important that you consider how vertical stripes can draw attention to your hips. This can work to your advantage as vertical stripes can slim your waist, whilst horizontal can widen them and build the effect of an hourglass figure. 


Be Bold, Be Colorful
When it comes to stripes, in summer you can be a bit more bold! Incorporating color within this pattern is a surefire way to bring fun, enhance your outfit and present something 'extra' to your outfit. Opting to incorporate color does not restrict your outfit, and you can still easily achieve a classic outfit choice with ease. Historically red or blue stripes are most common in 'classic styles,' but feel free to mix this up and create an edgier effect. 

Stripes And Patterns Are On Trend
Don’t be afraid to pair your stripes with another bold pattern, such as florals or geometrics. A simple, striped t-shirt or jumper is a perfect trendy accompaniment to a boldly patterned bottom item of clothing, such as trousers or a skirt. Horizontal stripes work best as they provide a dividing line between the patterns. They offer a clear dividing line between the two clothing items. With the pairing of fun patterns, you can see what looks the most flattering for you body and what you also, very importantly, feel most comfortable in! 

Thank you very much for reading today's post!! Have a lovely day and don't forget to wear something that you feel comfortable in! 😊

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