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Fun Ways to Learn a new language! // ¿Hablas español?”

Fun Ways to Learn a new language!
Hola que tal?! There are so many reasons why learning a second (or even third or fourth) language is fun and super useful! Maybe you're traveling to a foreign country and would like to feel more part of their culture and way of living, or maybe you have a friend with whom you want to have conversations with or for more practical reasons due to work. Just like with many things, when there's a will there's a way. I believe language learning isn't solely about the end goal, but it's about the process to get you there. Below I've listed a few fun ideas to learn Spanish, like for example with a language school like Global Spanish. Getting involved and listening, hearing, speaking the language a lot until you start to dream it aha! 😉 

Fun Ways to Learn a new language!

A fun way to start with learning a new language is to just pick out any of your favorite movies or movies or series that are on top of your list, and then to add subtitles. You can do this in different ways. For example to watch the movie or series in your native language and then to add subtitles that are in Spanish, or any other language that you want to learn. Or you could pick something to watch, no matter whether it's a Spanish movie originally or series or not and then for example in Netflix change the audio to Spanish, and if you find that easier, also the subtitles in Spanish or in your native language. It's a great way to relax and not feel forced while learning a new language, while simultaneously also knowing a bit more about the rhythm of the language! Personally I love the Spanish series Velvet, definitely recommend!! 
Fun Ways to Learn a new language!
Besides watching something, following online Spanish classes with the innovative enterprise Global Spanish is also a great way to improve your Spanish! I think what really helps is to just get immersed into the language as much as possible and the three ways described in this post are definitely not stand alone from one another. Combining them will lead to faster success and more fun along the way! I recently came across the online platform called Global Spanish to receive 1:1 personalised lessons. It's really nice you can find a teacher and program that best fits your learning style and goals. The platform will also keep track of your progress so you'll be ensured of meeting them! 

What I find especially good with Global Spanish that all teachers are native speakers (definitely plus points ++) and that the first trial lesson is for free and all lessons are custom made. It's also very flexible so you can do it at anytime from anywhere and even you can request different Spanish teachers for diversity in your learning process. It's easy because you can reschedule as much as you want without losing a lesson and besides that, the platform has a conversation club to practice outside of your lessons as well as a wide-range of fun material, like audio-books, ebooks, podcasts and more! There's also a Facebook group with over sixteen thousand members to practice your Spanish with, so no worries about practising aha! Also, currently due to inflation, payments to teachers in Venezuela and Argentina can be made in crypto. So if you're into learning Spanish and no matter whether you already have basic knowledge or are a complete beginner, check out their website!
Fun Ways to Learn a new language!
Besides Global Spanish, the last but not least of the three ways to improve or learn a language in a fun way from scratch is to find a pen pal from a country or language you want to learn! Because what is more fun than sending and receiving paper letters! Nowadays everything is almost done electronically, so writing could actually be extra fun and you add a personal touch to it with a cute international stamp on the envelope. I have a friend from Australia where we usually send postcards with a small message to each other, especially during covid it was just the extra encouragement or motivation we both needed aha! To find a pen pal, you could for example join Facebook groups specifically geared towards that, or maybe ask acquaintances or write a message on your Instagram stories or TikTok!

I'm already at the end of this post, and I hope you enjoyed it! Thank a lot for stopping by! In the end, learning a new language should be fun most of all, because that's what's keeps you going! It's all about not focusing on one single way to learn a language, but instead combining them so you get really immersed in it! I'm secretly wanting to learn Spanish, so maybe I'll start with classes this summer with Global Spanish! Let me know in the comments below what language you would like to learn! And most of all, buena suerte!! If you want to know more about any Spanish classes, make sure to follow Global Spanish on Facebook and Instagram! 


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