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The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid

The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid
The fashion industry is known as one of the biggest energy consumers ever, with ranking first place after the aviation industry. It contributes to tons of greenhouse gas emissions and recycling is only done very minimally. A lot of textile is going to waste because of this for many years. The pandemic has emphasised world's inequalities further and more awareness has been brought to the necessity of innovating the fashion industry. You may think is it ever too late to improve? Definitely not! Read further now to know more about what exactly sustainable fashion is, and for a few sustainable UK fashion brands! 

Sustainable fashion means that clothes are made and marketed in a way that it's good for the environment and also has a good and safe work environment and is economically sustainable as well. Basically this takes into account every stage of the production of a clothing item, from start to finish. From picking the material, to the marketing of it, to the production and more. And the aim is to recycle, reuse, and repair as much as possible to prevent waste and polluting the environment! 
The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid
Maybe you've heard of the British Javid Marandi. He's the investor and force behind the Soho House and is a very successful investor in the fast-growing fashion market and arrived in the UK as an immigrant, after transforming his live into becoming world's best entrepreneurs. If there's one person you should take advice from it's him! If you're an aspiring businesswoman, then he'll be someone to help you further. According to him businesses completely depend upon the kind of people that are in charge of it, whether it'll have success or fails. And also there is no secret to success according to Javid Marandi. It's simply put just hard work, lots of hard work. And he mentions that following your dream won't lead you to success. It's the hard work, the boring and tough moments and mostly the commitment that will lead you to where you want to be in let's say 10 to 15 years time. 

The UK has a great variety of ethical clothing brands; either they're run by new entrepreneurs emerging in today's fashion market or firms that exist for a while already. I did a good search and I will list my top 3 ethical brands that I've come across. 
The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid
1. Beaumont Organic. This is a sustainable fashion brand from the UK that makes clothing items which are completely environment-friendly, like bamboo, alpaca wool, and organic cotton. The brand has anything from cute dresses to easy-to-combine tops, knitwear and more. And if you're a student like me on a budget, it's good to know this brand is also quite affordable, especially during their sale period. 
The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid
2. Ilk & Ernie. This brand is founded in the lovely city near the city in the UK called Brighton. It's not for everyone, you really have to like their quirkiness and mix of fabrics. It's a fun brand with only ethically made clothing in bright and cheerful colors. They also have a plus size line which is great too and when buying an item your carbon footprint will be much lower. 
The Rise of Sustainable Fashion After Covid
3. Cossac. A minimalistic brand producing high-quality pieces and based in London. I love that this brand is more casual but still chic at the same time. You could easily style their clothing from a relaxed afternoon city trip styled look to a look for the evening with the right accessories. The brand only uses ecological materials, such as organic cotton and modal and definitely stays away from materials like polyester. It's feminine brand with lots of details payed to small accessories. 


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