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Kiko Milano Review

kiko milano review
And I'm back again! We're in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, and it kind of all feels very surreal, like a horror movie.. Most countries are in lockdown right now, flights are canceled, and schools and universities are closed. But hopefully with each country taking severe measures and people taking the responsibility to stay at home as much as possible, the outbreak will soon be less and everyone can go back to their normal lives again. Stay strong everyone! For today I would love to share some things I bought from Kiko. I'll be doing a KIKO Milano make-up haul, and will show you some of my favourite products. If you love makeup just as much as me, than let's get right to it! 
kiko milano review
I'm that girl that most often, walks out the door with just a bare face, being unapologecially herself. But, actually since the last few months I started wearing a bit more makeup. Not because I felt I needed to, but because I thought it was nice to, especially in winter when you see a bit more pale, wear a bit of lipgloss or mascara. It adds that extra sparkle and touch to yourself. Kiko has always been one of my favourite brands. If you're allergic quickly to certain types of ingredients, I would say watch out with Kiko, because, as I am quite sensitive myself, some products are quite aggressive and I can't use them unfortunately. This is the makeup look I created with Kiko eyeliner, the red lipstick, some foundation which is from another brand and that's it. I prefer a natural look, instead of a full face of makeup haha. And it's easier to get of as well ;). 
kiko milano review
I'm a huge nail polish collector and lover aha! I don't know why, but it's just so fun to try out different types of nail polish shades, or combine them. I haven't really tried to do some type of nail art, but maybe I'll put it on my April bucket list. (You too?!;) What I really like is that Kiko is very affordable, and the quality of their products are quite good too. The nail polish is from good quality and lasts long, for about 5 days. They had a huge sale going on, so I took advantage of that and bought two nail polishes. I got the Kiko Mini Nail Lacquer in color 07 Candy Pink. It's a baby pink/nude color and always nice to wear all year round. The other nail polish I got is the Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer in color 14 Cherry. A red nail polish is definitely a must have, so I couldn't not get it.

Kiko has so many different lip products!! From lipliners, to creamy lipsticks, lipglosses, and liquid lipsticks and much more. I think my favourite kind of lip product would be a lipgloss. I like something that's a bit more sticky because my lips are always quite dry. And lipglosses usually come with glitter, cute right?! This time I wanted to go for something different, because I usually get lipglosses. I came across the Kiko Creamy Lipstick in color 117 Papaya. It's a fun bright red/orange color and thought it was cute for Spring and Summer. I love that the lipstick is creamy, reminds me a bit of the texture of a lipgloss. It stays on quite well, although after an hour you'll have to put it on again. But overall if you don't like dry lips, this lipstick is great! It's a good alternative to a lipgloss. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post!

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