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50 Winter Themed Blog Post Ideas

January Blog Post Ideas
Merry Christmas!! Wish you a lovely celebration and hope you're having a nice day so far. I'm super happy that my exam week is over, I literally studied non stop but with a good result, so all the hard work was completely worth it! Now that the well deserved Christmas break has started and January is coming to a close, it's the perfect time to start thinking about some new and fun blog post ideas for January. January is the month of cold winter days, cuddling up in your warm blanket beside the chimney, and watching your favorite Netflix shows on repeat. (Need to find a new show, comment your fav one below!) If you would love to have some extra inspiration and ideas, read further now for some fun blog posts you can write! 

1. Create a fun DIY and share your tips and tricks
2. January is the time to detox. Show your followers what you are detoxing from
3. Share your winter reading list and top favorite books
4. Things to do before Winter ends bucket list
5. Share your favorite childhood memory in the snow
6. Snow proof OOTD ideas
7. Must visits during winter in your city/town
8. Winter proof date night ideas
9. Share your winter playlist
10. Do a follow up on your most favorite post
11. How to make your room cozy for Winter
12. 10 Things you love/hate about Winter
13. Things you can't live without during Winter
14. Share your fitness routine to be fit for Summer
15. Vlog a day in your life
16. Invite a guest writer for your blog and do a fun interview
17. Share some of your biggest fears and how you're going to overcome them
18. How you take care of your skin during Winter
19. Share the life lessons you learned in the previous year
20. Something you're grateful for
21. If you got 1 millon dollars - and you had to spend it in a day, what would you do with it?
22. Host a giveaway of a product you love under your followers and readers!
23. Let your followers ask you questions and share your answers in a fun blog post!
24. Share a list of events you would love to attend in 2019
25. Share cute Winter nail designs
26. How to make your cheeks glow during Winter
27. Best tips for an at home pampering routine
28. Top scented candles roundup
29. Show your fluffy sweater collection that keeps you warm
30. Tips for staying fit when it's cold outside
31. Winter cookie recipes
32. Ways to be productive on snowy days
33. Travel essentials for any skiing trip
34. Top 10 winter lipsticks
35. Easy winter hair styles
36. Recreate a winter makeup look from a picture
37. Do a winter collab with another fashion/beauty/lifestyle/travel blogger
38. Best winter face masks
39. Favourite colors to wear for winter
40. Winter morning/night time routine
41. Make a snowman and take fun pics
42. Tips for decorating your home once Christmas is over
43. Fun stocking stuffer ideas
44. Share your favourite or least favorite things about winter
45. Would you wear white during winter?
46. To what tropical destination would you go to escape the winter cold?
47. What can you absolutely not live without during winter?
48. Share some cute winter date night ideas!
49. Share a fun winter themed DIY
50. I wish someone told me..


  1. I love the list with all the wonderful ideas! Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    Happy New Year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I really like all of the ideas in the post, but I think my favourite would be about a winter reading list and maybe following up on most favourite post. I think I might you one of your ideas for some of my posts. Thanks so much!


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