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Blogmas: Movies To Watch During The Holiday Season

Hey everyone,

In less than two weeks it's Christmas!! This year went by super fast, and I'm secretly very happy that 2018 is around the corner. But first the holiday season of course! I find the period before Christmas always the funnest. With all the Christmas lights outside, decorations, lighting up candles when it's dark and snuggling up in your blanket with your favourite tv series. And it also snowed last weekend, which was very cool. I hope it will be a white Christmas as well. I'm not going to do a blogmas post every day, but once or twice a week up until Christmas you can find some fun posts here on my blog. For today I would love to share some holiday movies to give you the holiday spirit. They are mostly romantic comedies, let's get to it! 

a bad moms Christmas

A Bad Moms Christmas 
This movies is on top of my list to watch. Especially because Mila Kunis is my favourite actress! She's funny, pretty and acts really well. Also Kristen Bell is very good and together they take this movie to the next level. In short, the it's about three mothers going against the expectations of Christmas. Hoping to create the perfect holiday for their families. 

The Man Who Invented Christmas
The Man Who Invented Christmas
I also would love to see this movie. It's about the journey of Charles Dickens that eventually led to the making of ''A Christmas Carol'', a famous and timeless tale that redefines the meaning of the holiday. It all start in 1843 when the British novelist is at a low point in his career. 

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince
This is a typical fairytale romantic movie. Sometimes it's just fun to watch and think about nothing else for a moment. And secretly, every girl or woman dreams of having a prince for Christmas and going to a ball in a beautiful dress feeling like a princess. The question is, will she find true love? 

Coming Home For Christmas

Coming Home For Christmas
Hallmark has lots of movies, including this movie. It's cheerful, romantic and with humour. A young woman plans a Christmas Eve Gala, meanwhile having attention from two different men. The good thing is that you can view almost all Hallmark movies on Youtube for free. 

Thank you very much for readings today's post! I hope you're ready to start watching a good movie with a cup of hot chocolate to really get into the Christmas spirit. 

Have a lovely day,

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