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It's a snuggle up kinda day // Cozy Night In Ideas

Hey everyone,

Today is one of those days where I just want to do nothing. I'm also feeling quite sick and that's why a relaxing day at home just the perfect way to get better. It's half February and the sun is getting brighter, days are getting longer and Spring is coming! It's still cold in the Netherlands and I can't wait to give my wardrobe a complete makeover for Spring. Bringing back all the adorable pastel shades and summer dresses. But let's just enjoy today and get cozy and comfy with these cozy night in ideas. 

It's a snuggle up kinda day // Cozy Night In Ideas

1. Cozy blankets - The only thing you want to do when you're sick or when coming home from a busy day at school, is grabbing your favorite blanket. I bought my blanket last year at the online store called Laura Ashley. It's an English home decoration brand and their style is very classic. 
2. Face mask - What would a cozy night in be without taking care of your skin?! The first thing I always do when I come home is taking my makeup of and when I do have the time I try to make a DIY face mask or I just buy one in the local drugstore. There are so many different masks and ingredients that you can really choose one that's right for your skin. From detoxing to peelings, it's all possible. 
3. Pajamas - When people ask me 'what is your current obsession?' my answer would definitely be collecting pjs. I always change into my pajamas when I'm at home. It sets my brain into the relaxing mode and it's just way more comfortable than wearing skinny jeans all day. Hollister has very cute loungewear right now, and it's my go to brand to score cute undies and bralettes as well. 
4. A good book - Although I don't really like to read books, this book was really fun and is top recommend on Amazon and Goodreads. You can cuddle up in a blanket with the book called A Dog's Perspective from Bruce Cameron and get away from your own busy world for a moment. In short, the book tells the charming story of a dog searching for his purpose in life. 
5. Slippers - Cold feet are not part of a cozy night in. Slippers don't have to be expensive. Usually I buy some slipper socks at my local drugstore from around one euros. But on top of my wishlist are still the Ugg slippers. They are so comfortable and warm and you can also use them outside. The ones I'm wearing right now are I think owl ones and they keep my feet warm and they are cute too!

Thank you so much for reading today's post! Let's have that one day where you completely relax and avoid the winter blues. 
QUESTION TIME - Do you have a cozy night in once in a while? And what is your favorite cozy idea?

Have a lovely day,



  1. I agree 100% with all these must haves! Love a good book and a face mask!

  2. I think that this post is missing a photo of those owl slippers! :)


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