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Aisle Style | Dresses Are a Girl's Best Friend

Hey everyone,

Dresses are my favorite to wear from all clothing items. I love picking the right dress for a special occasion and choosing sparkly accessories to make the outfit complete. While the festive is over, it doesn't mean that you can't have a reason to wear a beautiful dress. There are plenty occasions to wear a dress at the start of 2017, like as a bridesmaid, at prom or for a birthday party. 

Aisle Style is an online retailer where you can get anything from homecoming dresses, prom dresses, dresses for weddings and much more. They really have a dress for everybody and for every occasion. Aisle Style has a range of classic and timeless dresses for a classic sophisticated look. For a more modern look they also have a big selection of dresses based on the newest fashion trends. The dresses are tailor-made which ensures you for a perfect fit. The dresses are made from great quality materials and at a reasonable price. It doesn't matter where you live, Aisle Style delivers to countries from all over the world. 

Aisle Style has so many different bridesmaids dresses in all sort of shapes and colors. Since I was little I fantasized how my wedding dress would look like. I think very girl has done that in her life. Attending a friends or siblings wedding is also very fun and it's also the perfect excuse to go on a hunt for your perfect bridesmaid dress for 2017. If I was planning my wedding I would probably choose a classic bridesmaid dress in burgundy. I love that color because it reminds me of the winter and I would love to have a winter/Christmas wedding too. This dress is a short dress with a v-neck and a-line straps. I love the chiffon at the bottom and it's a really classic but trendy dress and I would absolutely see my bridesmaids in this dress! It's 109,99

Aisle Style dresses

In the US Prom is a very important occasion and the right dress is definitely a must have. You have to feel comfortable in what you wear and at the same time the dress flatters your body and curves in the right places. In the Netherlands we don't have a prom, but it would be really cool if we had it here as well. Prom is almost a competition who has the prettiest dress, although looks aren't everything it's still fun to have a little competition! The dress I would pick for my Prom would be this sparkly a-line crystal tulle dress. I love that it's a little bit see trough at the bottom and the sparkles in the front make the dress really cute. It's listed on the webshop for 139,99

Aisle Style dresses

Aisle Style also a collection with communion dresses. Maybe you have a little niece or know somebody who needs a communion dress. They are available in a lot of silhouettes, high-nec, v-neck, off the shoulder and many more.


Thank you so much for reading today's post! I hope you loved looking at all the beautiful dresses!
QUESTION TIME - What kind of dress would you wear to Prom?

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  1. What a wonderful picks!◠‿◠ ♡

    Do you wanna follow each other through GFC or Instagram? Lemme know ♥

    * Blog de la Licorne *

    1. Thank you so much! I would love it to follow each other on Instagram!
      Enjoy your day, Isabella xx

  2. These dresses looks so gorgeous! Definitely perfect for any formal occasions.

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/dont-look-back/


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