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Burgundy Inspired OOTD

Hey everyone,

Hollister is one of my favorite clothing brands right now. They always have great deals online and I love the classic and beach inspired style. Today's outfit of the day is inspired by the color burgundy. I've always really liked burgundy, it's like a mix between the dark red and dark brown. It's a color that you can wear the whole year around with the right accessories. 

Burgundy Inspired OOTD

I looked online and saw this pair of jeans in burgundy for just 15 euros and I immediately bought them. The jeans are Hollister jeggings and with a lot of stretch which make them very comfortable to wear. The material is also very soft and made from good quality. 

Burgundy Inspired OOTD

I also wanted to have something in combination to wear with the jeans, so I found this patterned shirt and it's also from Hollister. It's with a hint of burgundy as well and fits perfectly on top of the jeans. The sleeves are ruffled at the bottom and elastic. The shirt was 11 euros online. 

Because it's still winter and the cold days aren't over yet I choose to wear my Clarks in combination with my outfit. It adds a bit of a wintery touch to it and they are very comfortable as well. For me clothes and shoes have to be cute but most importantly you have to feel good in what you wear. 

Burgundy Inspired OOTD

Watches are a great accessory and a must have item to never be late. For a long time I've always worn watches from the Italian jewelry brand called Furla but now I thought it was time for something different. The white reminds me of a Spring color and and looks great with the patterned shirt. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today's ootd! 
QUESTION TIME - Do you love burgundy?

Have a lovely day,

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