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Ready for Christmas: songs, must-haves and decorations

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing well!? It's been quite a while since I posted here, on my little corner on the Internet. I have been very busy with especially school and almost have no time to blog anymore unfortunately. But since the more than two week Christmas holiday is here, you'll see more posts from me! ;)

The period before Christmas is a time when it gets dark really early, and you can see all the Chritmas lights outside. There is a family in my town that decorates their house every November with the most bright and colorful light and decorations. The whole house is with lights, when I was younger I always asked my mom to see the house when it was dark. It's a cute Christmas memory! In my room I have a pair of ice skates that I bought many years ago. I always hang them there because I don't have any other place haha but also because it looks cute and cozy. On my bookshelf I have mr. Santa that I love a lot! And something that I never thought of before, my own little Christmas tree. It's so cute with the lights and the red Christmas balls in it. We also have a Christmas tree in the living room, but it's kind of fun to have your own. The last room decorations are the two light piramides. One on each side of my vanity and make the room cozier. 
Ready for Christmas: songs, must haves and decorations http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com #christmasdecorations #christmas2015

Ready for Christmas-- songs, must haves and cute decorations http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com #christmastime #christmasdecorations

I also wanted to share my favorite outfit. It maybe isn't really for Christmas, but still nice to wear. And I wanted to share a must have black dress that I'm going to wear on New Year's Eve. Let's begin with my outfit, it's from the brand Pull and Bear. Their shop just opened a few weeks ago in Leiden so it was fun to take a look at what I normally see online and now I could see it better and feel the materials. I came across many nice things(ended up buying a little bit too much...) and this bottom up skirt in brown. I combined it with a cropped long sleeve shirt that looks very like the 90's. With a pair of brown leggings, my brown boots and my heart necklace the outfit is complete. 
Ready for Christmas--songs, must haves and cute decorations. Pull&Bear festive outfit on http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com #festive #cuteoutfit

The must have black dress I have is without sleeves and from the brand Mango. I love this brand a lot since it has an outlet online too where everything is always half price. I found this black dress that is very simple but you can make special with accessories. For me it's really my style, I don't like very bold clothes and this is just perfect to wear. 

Ready for Christmas: songs, must haves and decorations http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com #christmasdecorations #littleblackdress

Ready for Christmas: songs, must-haves and decorations

To finish I will share a few of my favorite Christmas songs that I hope you'll enjoy too!

Christmas playlist of 2015
  • I will be home for Christmas by Meghan Trainor
  • We need a little Christmas by Glee
  • My only wish by Britney Spears
  • Shake up Christmas by Train
  • Santa Baby by Ariana Grande
  • Wonderful Christmas time by Demi Lovato
What is your favorite time of the year?
Have a lovely day,



  1. I love your blog. It was simple, but had a lot of great ideas. Even though it's not my style i love the black dress. My style is colorful, so a black dress doesn't match it. If i find a different color for that dress, i will definitely buy it. Thank you for the suggestion.
    - Madeline

  2. Hey girlie, love that outfit from Pull&Bear! Especially the skirt is really pretty.
    Hope you have a fab week! :)
    Emma xxx


  3. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love Christmastime and really enjoyed reading your post!

    xo, Liz

  5. Christmas time is definitely my favorite time of year! Those little bears are so cute!!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  6. I love the first outfit ♥


  7. Oooo this is such a fun post! thanks for sharing:)

    follow for follow?:)

    Merry Christmas!

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