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3 Ways to wear plaid this fall

Hey everyone,

This year plaid is a huge trend. It's a bold and preppy print. It was seen on the runways in 2014 and now almost everybody has some clothing item in a plaid print in their wardrobe. There are so much options on how to wear the print. You can make it more chic and girly, or very bold combined with a pair of trousers. The thing is about making your own style and choose something your comfortable in. Here are some tips to pull of your plaid clothing items.  

3 Ways to wear plaid this fall


1. Choose the right colors. Pick colors that look good on you. If more softer colors look good on you, you can choose pastel colors. They are soft and also very girly. And for the warmer colors you can choose dark red and navy. The warmer colors look the best on me. My skin has slightly a undertone to red/brown. Why waste a lot of money on useless clothes in the wrong color? :) If you want to find something in plaid, than here are some things you have to think about when choosing the perfect color.
*First you have to look at your skin tone, your eye color and your hair color
*Secondly look at your imperfections, so when looking for something you can choose a clothing item that covers those things and flatters your other beautiful sides of your body.
*Look in the mirror when you try something on. If you see that your face is not looking good, than it's not the right color.

3 Ways to wear plaid this fall

2. Look at the fit. Tartan shirts can be fitted or loose. You have oversized boyfriend shirts that are loose and casual. You can put the half of your shirt into your pants, so it's has a cool look. It's more for the taller persons I think. Because I try it on once and the shape of the shirt was way to big for me. Im quite small. If your smaller than I suggest to try the slim fit shirts. The fitted plaid shirts contour your body, and flatters your body. Both shirts look good with skinny jeans, and a big or small leather belt.

how to wear plaid

3. Be girly. Their are so much ways to wear the tartan shirts. You can give it any look that you want. And with adding some jewelry it's the final touch.
*When you wear the shirt, leave some buttons of the shirt open. This way your look with be more feminine and girly. And it looks nice. 
*Pair your shirt with jeans, cute skirts or shorts. 
*Add cute jewelry to your outfit like a cute bracelet, or a cute scarf.

Other tips:

-Plaid is already a bold pattern. When you wear a plaid shirt, don't also wear plaid trousers or a scarf. Try to focus the attention on one thing at a time, other wise it becomes too much.
-Choose the material carefully. Flannel shirts are more for the winter. And materials like cotton are more for the summer.

Thanks for reading!! Let me know in the comments what you think of the plaid trend! 

Have a lovely day,


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