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The hottest trends in 2014

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Maybe it's a bit early to talk about all the new fashion trends for spring. But you can never be too late! ;) In the fashion industry it's no secret that they always think one season ahead. If you want to keep up with the hottest looks and look awesome, than here are some of the hottest trends for spring 2014. Which trend are you going to follow?

The first trend that will be very popular for spring is the trend romantic. A lot of the clothing items are in the color pink, and also with bows and ruffles. And also not to forget lace is also very romantic. They look very sexy and elegant. I think this trend is very cute because I love to wear pink, and it looks very girly too. 

fashion trends romantic


In the fashion runway show of Celine and Rochas the models were wearing a lot of pastel colored clothes. Thanks to them this is now a big trend for spring. With a lot of lemon, light blue and peach colored clothing items. Also pastel lace dresses are very popular, and they combined the two big trends together. It looks romantic and classy.

pastel clothes


This trend has come back from the early 90's. The clothing items look like old fashioned items, but with a modern touch to it. The dresses look elegant, and the sporty items look like how they dresses many years ago. Now you think that no one will ever wear this, but actually the clothes are very nice. 

sporty fashion trend


This trend has been each spring a big hit. Floral prints are very cute and classy, and when you see the pattern you become happy. You have floral dresses, jackets, t-shirts almost everything. This is my favorite trend. 

floral spring fashion trend

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  1. Thanks for showing the new trends, now I know what to buy :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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