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List of some really helpful websites

Hey everyone,

I have made list of some really helpful sites that could help you with doing your homework, cooking, writing and much more. 

list of helpful websites

1. Mangolanguages.com If you want to learn a foreign language all by your own, than this site could help you a lot. With just 15 min a day your on your way of learning the language. 

2. Supercook.com On supercool you can type in any meal you want to cook, and they tell you how. Also if you have limited ingredients at home, you type the ones you have and supercook makes a variety of meals you can make them. Handy right!?

3. Slader.com If you need any help or you don't understand something of your homework, this site can help you. It has almost every subject you need and all the answers of your homework.

4. Musictheory.com Here you can learn everything about music, for example what a bass cleff is and much more.

5. Wikihow.com If you want to know how to do your fav DIY project or what you should wear to a party than this site gives you all that advice. It's very helpful and I like this site very much. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the list of some helpful websites!

Have a lovely day,

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