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Drugstore beauty buys

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a great day today?! The holiday is going so fast weeks are flying by. Before you know it's September. I really love just relaxing and doing things you normally don't have time for. I feel like every holiday I become a stronger person, because I spend more time with family and friends and having a summer job that's very useful. Last week I went to a drugstore in my neighborhood for some shopping. Sometimes after working hard you have to give yourself a little reward and the best way to do that is by buying makeup! If you love makeup than you're in the right place and I'll let you show my mini makeup haul. 

drugstore beauty favorites

The two drugstores I went to are my favorite shops to buy makeup that's not too expensive. The first shop is called the Hema and it's comparable to a Target or Walmart in the US. The Hema has everything from fashion to beauty to food and I sometimes love to have breakfast there too. I really wanted to buy an eyeliner for a really long time. After my trip to Rome I read some Italian magazines and I saw that colored eyeliner was a big beauty trend and I absolutely love it! I was thinking of buying a bright pink eyeliner but when I tested it it didn't look very good. Than I tested the blue eyeliner and that looked very cute. I normally don't wear a lot of makeup, just some mascara, lipgloss and when I feel like it I wear a brlnzing powder or foundation too. Because it's summer and I bought a blue bikini which If you haven't seen it yet in my other blog post matches really well. So I think my go. To color of summer 2016 is blue. I heard good reviews of Hema makeup. The eyeliner is very easy to apply and the pencil is very handy too. Applying eyeliner has never been my strongest thing haha but I think I didn't do to bad!? The color is very nice and it really stays for almost a whole day. 

hema makeup review

blue eyeliner review

Next I also bought a pastel blue nailpolish at the Hema store which is probably my favorite item for the three things. A few years ago I was collecting nailpolishes and I had to have every color possible, with sprinkles, sparkles or black or white. Now I have a huge nailpolish box up stairs and I only use a few colors.. I bought the long lasting nailpolish because I wanted to swim with it as well and it really does stay for a few days. 

Hema pastel nail polish blue

On to my last beauty buy, it's my Essence lipgloss. I've never had any makeup from this brand until a friend of me wore a really beautiful lipgloss shade and I had to have it too! I love to pick the same shade every time over and over because it's one that I know looks good. It's usually the pink with glitter in them that I wear. Now I wanted to go to a more beige/gold shade and I really like it. It's defentily a shade that I would buy again and it's easy to apply and stays for a few hours hours. 

drugstore makeup products
Drugstore beauty buys
I hope you enjoyed reading about my recent drugstore beauty buys! Thank you so much for reading as well! What do you think of my eyeliner look?

Have a lovely day,


  1. wow, love to try it


  2. Nice post! :) One of my personal favorite drugstore purchases just has to be Essence lip liners, I love them so much! If you still haven't tryed does definitely giv them a go. They are so creamy, pigmented and really afordable as well. They are even better than som high end ones I've tryed. :)


  3. I like the eyeliner look! Also, the nail polish looks beautiful :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. The nail polish looks like such a lovely colour!! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  5. I've been finding a lot of products that I really like by Essence!

  6. love blue mascara!
    pls see my new post!

  7. Loving all your new things! How fun is the blue eyeliner :D


    Novelstyle Blog

  8. They look great, will have to get them a try.
    Beth x

  9. That liner looks so fun! Nice purchases!


  10. Great post. My favorite drugstore beauty product is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in blackest black. It never clumps and always looks great.


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