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How to look fabulous on a budget

Hey everyone!!

Sometimes it's not always easy to buy clothes that stick with your budget. But you don't have to win the lottery to look good of course! If you want some tips to shop and look fabulous than keep reading, because here they are.

How to look fabulous on a budget

1. The stores. Choose stores that fit your clothing style. If you like to wear preppy clothes than Tommy Hilfiger or Abercrombie are good stores to shop at. Also American Eagle, Forever 21, JCrew, H&M, Hollister and Aeropostale are very good brands. And they sell cute and affordable clothing. If you still think it's a little over your budget than wait until the big sale starts. Now, the period before Christmas is a good period to start looking for that sweater you wanted for a while. Maybe it's half price now?! :)

2. Buy the wardrobe essentials. 
*You need to have at least 2 pairs of skinny jeans that fit your body well. Preferable on a little darker than the other. You can where them with almost everything, and they look fashionable.
*The little black dress. This is also a must have.
*A cardigan. It really goes with everything. It's easy to combine and it looks like you made an effort to look good.
*And of course a few sweaters for when it's colder outside.
*The necessary t-shirts in white, black, v-neck etc.
*Good pair of shoes.

How to look fabulous on a budget

3. Good quality. When you buy something a little bit cheaper than there is a chance that it becomes smaller in the dryer or that the quality isn't as good as it was. When I once bought some things at a cheap clothing store in my neighborhood(it was for a lot of money), I could throw my clothes away after a few weeks. The quality was just very poor. But not that you should always buy expensive clothes. But only to say that sometimes it can be better to save your money and then buy something from a good brand. At the end it saves you a lot of money. 

4. Only buy something if you need it. If your budget is tight, don't buy stuff that you don't really need. I know it can be hard sometimes, because their are so many cute clothes in the shops. But try to stick to what you need to have.

How to look fabulous on a budget

Some other tips:
-If you want to follow the seasonal trends, than do it with accessories
-Buy your winter clothes when spring starts and your summer clothes when autumn starts, it can save you a lot of money
-Learn basic sewing skills. They are really handy if you like to design your own clothes

And if your a college student you can save a lot of money on for example Target.com,
Timberland.com, Topshop.com.

Hope it helped you a little bit further.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice weekend everyone!

What are your favorite fashion stores?
Have a fashionable day,




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