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5 Tips for an effective and quick workout

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It seems like everybody gets more and more busy lately. Sometimes working out just doesn't fit into our daily schedule. Working out is very important to stay healthy and it's all about creating a healthy lifestyle. You may think that good workouts have to be long, but that's further from the truth. Even if you have five minutes a day, you can still accomplish a lot. Here are four tips for a quick and effective workout. Enjoy! 

5 Tips for an effective and quick workout

5 Tips for an effective and quick workout

1. When you only have a short amount of time to workout, it's better to not choose one body part and only do those excercices. Focusing on your whole body is good and this way you train every muscle instead of one area.

5 Tips for an effective and quick workout

2. To have good results combing different elements or excercices is also very handy. Starting with jumping jacks and than maybe a toning exercise keeps the blood pumping and your body will benefit more from various excercices. 

3. When you do the same workout over and over again, your body can start to get used to it. The workouts aren't effective anymore and changing up your routine will prevent this. It's also a lot more fun than doing the same workouts everytime.  

5 Tips for an effective and quick workout

4. Before your start your workout, choosing what excercices you want to do will save you time. This is especially if you have to dos quick workout. So choose your workout before of make a schedule where you write down which workouts you do on which day. 

Make sure to have fun while working out. Remember excercicing is good for your health and to be strong. Workouts can be quick and effective so let's starts now! On Blogilates you can find thousands of quick and fun workouts from Cassey Hoo which are very good. Exercising in cute workout gear is even more fun. Cool outfits and inspiration can be found on sportkleding.com

What is your favorite workout tip? 
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  1. Loved this post! Just need the motivation to get off my bum and make a start! Thanks

  2. This is a lovely post. These are all tips that can really make a difference. especially number 3. I need to really stick to a workout and make it a routine and not just when I feel like it, like once in a blue moon.


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