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Why I Prefer Living In Southern Europe

Why I Prefer Living In Southern Europe
Ok, so this is kind of a different post than I usually post here on my blog. I thought, why not share my view and experience with you guys. Maybe you're just like me, an inbetweener kind of person. Having a Dutch and an Italian nationality sometimes makes me feel different. Not different in a way of being an outsider, but more the direction of feeling international. I've lived for 5 years in Rome untill my 7th and after that we moved back to Holland untill now, my 20 year old self. It's only since a few weeks ago that I started to realize that I always felt different than my dutch classmates. Being raised in two different countries has its advantages, and I'm very grateful that both my parents teached me their own languages and teached me about their culture. 

My Dutch has always been my native language, it's the language I think in, I make jokes in and where I can fully express myself in. Italian instead, is the language I can express myself in as well, but up to a certain level. I would say this. I don't feel Dutch enough, but  if I were to go to an Italian school I wouldn't feel 100% Italian as well because I can't write the language yet. And this is the difficult part of it. This year, during my gap year I traveled a lot. From the trips, my favorite cities are Valencia and Florence. These trips made me realize so many things and teached me valuable lessons about life. The thing that I enjoyed a lot and that I see a similarty with in all the southern countries is their way of living. The culture in these countries is more soft and family like, more drawn to each other than in the Netherlands. In Holland I feel more isolated, because the individuality in my opinion is a bigger part of the culture than in the south. When I came back from both holidays, it made me think so much about who I was and about the future. The Netherlands is a great country, everything is well organised and you can have a good education here. But for the first time in a long period of time I felt more like myself, that I fit in more when I'm in these southern countries.
Why I Prefer Living In Southern Europe

It's when you go to the shops, go for a walk on the beach or order something in a restaurant. Simple, small, yet important things that make a different in your daily life. These trips also made me think about the future, about wanting to travel even more. I live in a small town close to the beach in Holland, it's quiet but nice. But eventually after all these years I'm kind of outgrowing this phase of my life. I'm up for a new challenge, a challenge to improve myself as a person, to find my trough self and to listen to my heart. In the end, I believe that you should always listen to your own gut. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you smile and what makes you feel proud to be you. With having two nationalities come good and bad things. And hey, having 2 nationalities has its perks right;) In the end, do you. ❤

Do you feel the same sometime?

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