Cute bikinis for Spring

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Spring has already started and the weather is getting better and better. Now it's the perfect time to look for a cute bikini to show off you body on the beach!! There are always so much nice bikinis that it's hard to choose which one to wear. But I picked out 8 bikinis in different colors, models and shapes for you. I hope you like them!! I also have another post about cute swimwear which you can read here

Cute Spring Bikini's

The first bikini on the left above is a ruffle bikini from Madewell. What I love about the bikini is of course the ruffles the also the cute floral print on it. Floral prints always look so cheerful!

The next bikini is a pink bikini from the brand Hot Anatomy. It's available on I have never heard of this brand before but I think the bikini is very cute. The color is girly and the button detail in the front looks nice.

Next to the pink bikini is the yellow bikini from Lisa Marie Fernandez. It's a swimsuit bikini. I'm not really a big fan of yellow clothes but bikini is very nice. The bow in the front makes it a little more special.

The red bikini is from the same brand as the yellow one. From Lisa Marie Fernandez. It's a red ruffle bikini but a little more daring with the zipper in front.

Next is the mint color halter bikini from the brand PilyQ. I also have never heard of this brand before. It's a fresh color and I think it looks even better when you have a little more tan. The rhinestones on the bikini are very cute.

The blue dot bikini is from Mulberry. It's one the the more expensive ones. But the brand is really good and the quality is also very good. The halter neck and the dots make the bikini ready to wear!

The floral bikini is from We are handsome. The floral print makes it cute and the v-cut out on the top makes it a little more edgy and daring. Lovee this one!!

The last but not least is the lila colored bikini from Heidi Klein. This is my favorite color. The bikini looks very cute and little details are also very nice.

Which bikini is your favorite one?
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