Beauty tip series: #3 Natural looking eyeliner

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This is already the third tip from the beauty tip series. This time I wanted to share with you a tip to make your eyeliner look natural. 

Eyeliner tip for a natural look

Beauty tip series: #3 Natural looking eyeliner

For a natural and fuller look, stay away from really dark colors such as black. Instead you can choose colors like dark brown. These will look good on everyone, and they do not look too much. Also when you apply the eyeliner, only put it on your lash line and not around your whole eye. And apply it with a very thin line. I have a liquid eyeliner from Elf cosmetics. It's really easy to apply it, and would recommend this one if your searching for a good and affordable eyeliner. 

What is your secret to apply eyeliner? 

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  1. Definitely need to check out the elf eyeliner! I love elf products, they're seriously amazing!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Yes, love them!! Have a great day, Isabella x


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